Jay Hait
American Israeli Family Law Attorney

Family Law Philosophy

Family law is a broad field that covers a range of legal issues, including divorce, child custody, adoption, and estate planning. Unfortunately, many people tend to view family lawyers solely as divorce attorneys. However, our law firm believes that this perception is not accurate.

Our law firm operates in various family law fields beyond divorce, such as drafting last wills and testaments, enduring powers of attorney, guardianships, child kidnapping cases, and other family law matters. Moreover, we have a unique philosophy that distinguishes us from traditional divorce lawyers. Whenever a couple or an individual approaches us with a divorce case, we make a concerted effort to evaluate the situation objectively and with open eyes. As a father of three children and someone who has gone through a divorce, I know that any divorce proceeding should not only be founded on a clear strategy but also, an extensive examination should be performed to determine whether the proceedings should actually take place.

At times, people may become overwhelmed with their family lives and relationships, making it difficult to cope with each other. In some cases, couples might make hasty decisions that they may regret later. Therefore, we often refer our clients to marriage counseling before taking any legal action. We understand that marriage counseling can be beneficial, especially for couples who are still in the early stages of marriage or have just had their first child. This approach has helped many couples save their marriage, and we are proud to have contributed to that success.

Given the importance of maintaining and strengthening spousal relationships, we have created a new segment in our newsletter that offers advice, techniques, and recommendations for improving spousal relationships. We believe that implementing these pieces of advice can help couples avoid the pitfalls that could lead to divorce.

In conclusion, we are not a divorce law firm, but rather a family law firm that seeks to promote the well-being of families by preserving and strengthening marriages. If you or anyone you know needs legal assistance with family law issues, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help.

About the Author
Soon after returning to Israel with his family fom a 14 year hiatus in the US, American born and bred attorney Jay Hait went through a vicious divorce exposing him to the dark side of family law in Israel. When it was all over and he came out with custody over his young children, Jay switched from corporate to family law because he knew that there had to be a better way -even within the confines of the Israeli legal system.
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