Father and son Isis style

Two heads coming together in the kiss of the father to the son, but it is the kiss of death.

Luckily for the viewer, the father’s face is hidden, but the child’s face is visible in all its beauty, he is a ten-year-old angel. However, armed with a car bomb, he is about to kill in an explosion as many enemies as possible. It happens near the city of Aleppo. The boy is a small ISIS murderer.

And this is one of the videos with which ISIS is getting us used to the idea that human beings are unknown paleolithic monsters, tyrannosauruses lusting for human blood.

The new video insists in terrorizing us for 23 minutes with the story of how a child, Abu Imar al Omari, has been taught by his own father to blow himself up in a SUV.

The explosion is the happy ending of the film, the martyr flying up to heaven (it is obviously impossible to verify whether the material is genuine), as Assad’s men explode to bits.

These propaganda videos are all textbooks where we learn that terrorism has made the use of children an indispensable stylistic element. Terrorism must use children because this amplifies it,the scandal makes it even more monstrous and therefore more fearful.

Also, the use of children remind us that its totalitarian ideology requires a virgin world that is totally, entirely its own, a prefiguration of its future.

Abu Imar says that the decision to perform a suicide attack has given him “the greatest sensation you can imagine” and hopes that his attack will be his “greatest moment”.

He also says that it was his father who encouraged him to become a suicide terrorist. His father speaks in the video too, saying that  “A man who fears for the life of a son is an obstacle to salvation from the flames of hell, the attack shall be the key to paradise, with Allah will”.
Is what we see here astonishing? No, it’s just revolting, but customary.

ISIS has produced at least 89 propaganda videos using attacks conducted by children. In this one, the director puts also the father in the film in order to make it even more terrifying and actually succeeds; even though all modern terrorism, not just ISIS, has accustomed us to seeing this use of children, and parents who rejoice in feeding their Moloch with the flesh of their children.

The baby appearing in the photograph is beautiful and naïve just like any little child of that age, our desire, watching, would just be to push aside that horrible father and replace him with a real one.

But that is not the way it went for Abu Imar or for the growing numbers of terrorist children through the years, whether they be Taliban, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, throughout Africa and the East,or Palestinian.

Terrorists gather hoards of children who learn the Koran by heart more by sound and rhythm than by meaning. These children are grown in isolation and kept unaware, experiencing only the ‘martyrdom’ culture, children who think dying is not only normal but desirable, children who are taught to kill and be killed.

They are imbibed with the notion that their enemies are not human, that killing is normal:many will remember the January 14th video in which a Kazakh boy belonging to ISIS kills two alleged Russian spies, or the recent episode of a suicide girl who caused a carnage in Nigeria.

Terrorism uses children and young people every day. All kinds of terrorism do this.Among the Palestinians, “Umm Nidal” mother urged three of her children, one of which aged less than 16, to become suicide terrorists.

She was later elected in Parliament! In 2002, the media was inundated with the photograph of the 18-month-old “baby bomber” wearing a suicide vest.

Now, many of the knife-armed terrorists, including the one jailed yesterday by Israeli police, are about 13/14 years old. No surprise, since posters on the towns and villages walls,videos, television, political speeches… all pour out admiration for the shahid. He is the most admired role model.

Arafat has been, as usual, the initiator of this new wave of baby terrorists: he invoked waves of them to liberate Al Aqsa, marching on Jerusalem. The young people who today pick up knives to kill are following the fate written in their education.

For a Palestinian kid, more exposed to the world public opinion, there might be some hope of putting a stop to the wide phenomena, of finding a way back: nowadays, nevertheless, it’s just the same paradise of the shahid’s fame and sanctity that inflames the heart and mind of all the ignorant terrorist children and nourishes their war against Christians, Jews and Islamic traitors.

This article originally appeared in slightly different form in Italian in Il Giornale (February 23, 2016)

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Fiamma Nirenstein is a journalist, author, former Deputy President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and member of the Italian delegation at the Council of Europe.
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