Feeding a Wildfire That Could Devour Us Whole

By caving into the threats of the Arab world, our respectable Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has set a dangerous precedent with irreversible consequences just like the late Ariel Sharon did with disengaging from the Gaza strip and uprooting Gush Khatif. Not only with removing metal detectors but also considering relinquishing the Wadi Ara triangle of three Israeli Arab towns(Includes Umm al-Fahm). What message does this send to the hateful and bloodthirsty culture of terror amongst the Arabs? It does not only encourage them, but gives them an incentive to enact more violence against Israel and Jews in general. Pretty much the same way that the Gazans were encouraged into carrying out the abduction of Gilad Shalit and firing rockets following the farce of land for peace.

Look at Gaza since then three consecutive military operations with severe security ramifications for Israel as we refuse to retake control of Gaza itself. Not only were riots commonplace since before the whole metal detector debacle, the Arabs were also emboldened into threatening and manipulating Israel into having their way through violence and intimidation. Hezbollah is now spoiling for a fight by threatening and taunting Israel across our northern border, even prior to the Temple Mount fiasco. What encouraged Hezbollah to do this You may ask? Allowing them to entrench themselves over the past decade into most of Southern Lebanon, only now they feel emboldened to taking us on again. Hassan Nasrallah even admitted himself after the 2006 war in the North that had he known how Israel respond he wouldn’t have even dared try pulling the stunt he did by kidnapping Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev while firing Katyushas simultaneously across the border.

I hate to say it, but our leadership has lost its backbone in dealing with such demagogues! Had the metal detectors remained in place, sure the Arabs would have tried something stupid which they would be lucky if they lived to regret it. The fact that we caved in to Arab/Islamic terror only shows that our foreign policy and security at a defense level can be manipulated by our enemies only encourages more violence against us as a nation. Why do we allow this? Are we gluttons for punishment that we have to tremble at the mad rabid barking from Turkey,Iran,Jordan and Saudi Arabia? Where is our backbone that we used to have with Golda Meir and Menachem Begin? Are we trying too hard to please a world that’s bent on our destruction? A security guard whom could have been rescued in a commando raid as opposed to pandering to Jordans king Abdullahs outbursts would have sent a message loud and clear enough.

In the 1970s the Arabs of Gaza and the territories dared not tempt fate by pulling any stunt like they are busy doing now, that’s unless they wanted to end up dead like those seven idiotic terrorists who got themselves killed at Entebbe after keeping Israeli and Jewish hostages at Idi Amins invitation. We as a nation need to fix a higher price for our blood, sure the world opinion will always be biased against us, so what have we to lose? Even as the security guard dilemna with Jordan all this did was emboldened the Jordanians into demanding a cessation of a peace treaty. The Arabs have proved time and again that they do not want peace, unless they lying about it.Jared Kushner acting within the capacity as a presidential advisor himself even said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was unsolvable. So when will our leaders come to terms with that, and stop feeding the fire that seeks to devour us whole?

Just the other day an Israeli girl impregnated by her boyfriend from Shechem, was found murdered with her baby in the womb as a sacrificial lamb for Palestine, he even gloated about wanting to kill more Jews. Stop dreaming about the peace that will never come and wake up and take the fight to them.In 1948 they called the first nakba, in 1967 they called the second nakba, the third nakba will be a lot more tragic for the Arabs.That’s if we had a daring leader willing to take the risks. Anti-Semitism is on the rise once again throughout the world, and left wing experts blame Israel for it whether it’s Polish fans attacking Israeli sportsmen or synagogues in Australia being denied a permit to build on the pretext that it will attract terrorist attacks. More morbid manifestations to date include even assaulting teenage girls in London by a gang of youths, to the murder of a French Jewish woman by her virulently Anti-Semitic neighbour.Are we going to let these actions embolden them or us?By bootlicking the Israel haters we only encouraging this behaviour as the norm, as opposed to standing up for ourselves.

Leaders are supposed to set an example,but what example or trend does removing Metal detectors or even entertaining an exchange of land in Israel for land which is our birthright accomplish? It just kills our own fire and the glow that illuminates us as a light unto all nations while feeding their wild fire of hatred and darkness encouraged by feats of weak willed action. Removing those metal detectors only made the Arabs believe the new battle has just begun when we could have ended it for once and for all by eliminating the trouble makers.World Opinion? What was the world opinion on murdering two Israeli Druze police men on sacred ground to all three faiths? Imagine Hashem forbid it was Israeli price taggers gunning down Arab worshippers on the Temple Mount? Oh the outrage and butt hurt would have been severe to say the least.

Anti-Semitism existed in the Crusades, it existed in the blood libels, it existed in the Spanish inquisition,it still existed with rampaging Cossacks and the following pogroms throughout Eastern Europe finally climaxing in the Holocaust! Anti-Semitism always existed before Israel and will always exist! so why give tracts of land from the only nation we have, away for a bobbehmeiser that we think will make it go away? I watched the other day on Youtube an American BDS Jew on campus silenced by Israeli Arabs who served in the IDF saying”You only have one country in the world! if it wasn’t for this one country, the rest of the world would still be persecuting you! It’s embarrassing to hear a Jew speak about Israel like this!” This came from proud Israeli Muslim Arabs who stood up for their country which permits them freedom of religion,work etc. Yet as Jews we dare question our own legitimacy?What did Ze’ev Jabotinsky and Theodor Herzl dedicate their lives for? So we could deny our own birthright and need to have patriotic Israeli-Arabs point this out to us? By being cowed by the left and other entities dedicated to the destruction of Eretz Israel and Zionism we just keep throwing ourselves wood to the fire that seeks to devour us whole?

As the formidable and substantial Rabbi Meir Kahane once said it’s better to have an Israel that’s hated by the world than by an Auschwitz which is loved by it. Instead of caving into threats of Arab and Islamic violence which gives them the message violence will get them the desirable outcome and dares them to carry on(they even said themselves the fight for Jerusalem has just begun).Let’s react in a way that will make them and any future potential enemies think more than twice before tempting fate or are we going to tremble in our boots and feed a growing wild fire that wishes to devour us whole on a scale to rival the Shoah?

About the Author
Alon Fisher was born in Israel and grew up mostly in South Africa. He has always taken a keen interest in the SA-Israel relationship and the demonisation of Israel evident in so many South African and global institutions. He suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and therefore thinks "out-of-the-box."
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