FIFA, the Zohan and a sleeping giant

It is time to rise up against hatred; Part One Talkback Lies

“The public will believe anything, so long as it is not founded on truth.” Edith Sitwell (1887 – 1964)

As I read a recent Opinion piece, by Sever Plocker of Ynet entitled “Battle against BDS must be fought by Israel’s left” I was reinforced in my thought that the battle against the BDS-Boycott Divest Sanction Movement is not just an anti-Israel, anti-Jewish / Zionist attack; it is an attack on us all.

Every free morning, I have a ritual of preparing a leisurely morning cup of coffee and then opening my computer. Once the computer is booted I open my email in-boxes. Through these portals to the world I receive items from around the world daily, specifically replies from “Tweeter”. The items I receive range from personal items and Blog comments to the usual bills and advertisements. As I read through the items I pause and ponder, “Is it worth while for me to reply or to elaborate my personal point of view in a Blog?” I wonder. “Is my Blog entry readable or even interesting to those whom I send my reply to?” What will my words do? Will they have any effect? Will the reader agree with me?”

Then when I open Facebook there is always the space where you enter your comment as to “What’s on your mind?” It stares at me and I always stare at the space and think to myself “Gawd I sure as hell would like to say all that is on my mind!”  I sit and ponder upon the minions of things that flow through my brain from the personal to the political and from the trivial to the intricate. I think about all the news that is occurring daily in the world and of course on those news items concerned with Israel. I am reminded of that famous saying / slogan of journalism that first appeared on an illuminated advertising sign, spelled out in red lights above New York’s Madison Square in early October 1896 which was meant as declaration of The New York Times intention to report the news impartially: “All the news that is fit to print”.

As I open the news pages of “Western News” media outlets and then the leading Israeli dailies in English; Haaretz, The Jerusalem Post and Yediout Achronout to read the latest in news headlines.

I especially like trying my mental patience by occasionally reading the writings of Mr. Gideon Levy and MS. Amira Hass. These two consistently profess their self-hating delusions of how the Israeli leadership and the religious and extreme right control the feelings of ALL Israelis. They never criticize the “Palestinians” for their flagrant use of violence it is ALWAYS Israel’s fault. Their personal views are those of the “Shenkin” crowd tainted by that old self hating Jewish anarchist leftist mentality– read old time communist thought – who hide in the environs of the “Greater Tel Aviv area” and never venture in the peripheral areas of Israel.

As I read through the news articles and commentaries I also read the Talkbacks to these articles. Occasionally the editorial staff of Haaretz slip up and allow a positive  Talkbacker reply such as;

“If those Turks, who died, had been peaceful like those on the other five ships of the “flotilla” they would have received no harm and would have arrived back home safely as the others.”

Wow! you mean we are humans?

So very many times these comments against Israel are so far fetched and based on totally absurd facts that it appears that common sense/knowledge are thrown out the window. Many of the Talkbackers (Falestinian Trolls) are frequent commentators; many of them are Falestinian University students on scholarships in almost ALL the major and many minor US Campuses who receive payments for leaving comments – Your US /EU Tax dollar at work!

They are provided with preprepared texts and outlines to “irk” and insult Jews and pro-Israel readers. They readily leave their vile lies and false accusations in some of the most banal stories, like pigeons on a car, for the gullible non-informed to read on a daily basis in any Talkback that they can. The fact that their totally depraved ranting’s and raving’s are accepted and printed in the free democratic press of Israel is not lost by them. This “major” fact of total freedom of the press is consistently overlooked by the left-wing “humanitarian” camp. Yet. these same critics of Israel are totally silent should they even dare to insinuate any trivial wrong doing in one of the neighboring Arab countries.

As I read these “Talkbacks” I am consistently amazed at those who thrive on absurd pro-Palestinian hatred who visit these Israeli English web sites to spread their comments gleaned from their personal hatred of Jews and Israel. These “readers’ comments” are veritably filled with such virulent “pro-Palestinian” and anti-Semitic hateful propaganda rantings that the effort to read them can range from the tedious to the laughable.

As someone who has studied history in an American University I was taught by my professors to base statements and writings on researched historical fact. As someone who has lived in the Middle East and has experienced first-hand many of the historical events over the past 40+ years here I am literally astounded by the amount of historical documented fact that is  so blithely ignored and distorted by these pro-“Palestinian” Talkbackers. On most occasions these anti-Israel rantings that are written have absolutely nothing to do with the article that they ascribe to comment about!

One of my recent favorites was the libel made against Israel by Agence France Presse and Al Jazeera, who, without the decency of even checking on Google Earth, falsely accused Israel of intentionally opening the “floodgates of a large dam” in the Negev in order to unleash floods upon Gaza’s beleaguered residents. However it was quickly pointed out to publications, blogs and other sites repeating the claim as fact that;

“In southern Israel, there are no dams of the type which can be opened.”

So when confronted with the fact s Al Jazeera, officially retracted its story. Here is the Al Jazeera Article retraction dated 25/2/2015:

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this page hosted an article which stated that Israel had, without warning, opened a number of dams, which had resulted in a part of Gaza being flooded.
This was false. In southern Israel, there are no dams of the type which can be opened. We apologize for this error. Al Jazeera depends on objective reporting and strives to correct all errors of fact. We are committed to accountability and transparency. We encourage our audience and others to identify and report our mistakes.

The majority of these “Haters of Israel and Zion” are so despicable in their replies one wonders and seriously questions what exactly is the purpose behind their publication by the “mediators” of the talkbacks?  In many cases I seriously believe that it is done intentionally to increase traffic on their web pages so as to sell advertisements. A “reputable” web site would delete or block many of the obscenely crass and disgusting lies and hate filled comments.

I also wonder how much do these pretentious and preposterous lies affect the naïve “least knowledgeable” readers? The Talkback section of Haaretz is shamefully and specifically heinous for not only its own “left-wing” commentaries but for it’s predominance in truly notoriously spiteful and hate filled “pro-Palestinian troll” “Talkbackers”.

To these “Talkback Falestinian Trolls” who appear on a regular basis, Israeli “IS” an Apartheid State, the IDF means the IOF or Israeli “Occupation” Force, Israel IS a racist state thereby associating that ALL Jews are racists and all who serve to defend Israel in the IDF ARE blood thirsty murderers of innocent women and children. No amount of any act of humanity by Israel is negated out right with the utmost scorn!

IIn the past during the “Intifada” the major source of racial hatred and terrorism was located on the campuses of the Palestinian Colleges and Universities. It is these students and teachers who have emigrated to campuses throughout the western world. In a campaign of subterfuge and infiltration they have infiltrated and subverted western Leftist liberal student associations reminiscent of the KGB policies of the 1930’s -1980’s. Their overwhelming success has been the achievement of the Boycott Divest and Sanctions movement and the branding of Israel as an evil “Apartheid” state. Acting under Yasser Arafat’s Negation of Israel plan initiated in the mid 1970’s, they have spread a virulent hatred of Zionism and Israel like a viral disease.

The use of the BDS has drawn in the gullible and naïve American as well as European students by their line that to be; “progressive caring for humanity and equal rights” means that you must identify with BDS.  At all their meetings and demonstrations you hear the “Battle Cries” (if you will) or slogans against the “Occupation” by “Apartheid” Israel who is carrying out “Genocide”. The battle against Israel and of course the Evils of Zionism, referred to by the use of the terms; “ZioNazi” or “Israhell” has replaced all the other political battles for many young men and women.

It is now common knowledge that for those naïve college students who wish to stand out and be recognized by their professors and peers in almost all the major universities in the west you must embrace BDS and the “Falestinian” cause. The message among students and the young intelligence in the West is; “It is ‘Chic’ to be anti-Israel and a member of BDS.

These fanatic purveyors of vile hatred who lead the BDS movement have squashed any attempt to divert the world media and student bodies to any other political issue.

Israel’s lack of counter propaganda in the face of the BDS campaign has “suddenly” awoken to the very real threat brought by the total inaction by successive Israeli governments. Quite frankly I do have to admit here that the Falestinians really shot themselves in the foot when they threatened “THE” most cherished spot of the male if you like “chauvinistic masculinity” in Israeli culture: “Football”. As the saying goes “You don’t mess with the Zohan!”

Then they blundered yet again and made their really biggest mistake by pissing off Israeli women by the hint of depriving them of their mobile phones! Of course NOT all Israelis use the Orange mobile phones but just the thought of threatening a mobile phone company, well as a married man and the father of two daughters you don’t want to piss of a woman when it comes to her phone!

These two acts to have Israel banned from FIFA and have Orange leave by the “pro-Falestinian” BDS crowd reminded me of the famous quote from Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto regarding the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor by the forces of Imperial Japan.

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

About the Author
Yakov Marks arrived in Israel in 1974 from B'ham Al. USA as a volunteer on Kibbutz Ashdot Yakov. Yakov was a member of a Garin for Kibbutz Ketura in 1975 but moved to be a single soldier in Ma'alot in 1976, where he resides until today. He served in the IDF as a combat medic in regular service and as a reservist from 1976 through 2000. Yakov is married to Rena B. (formerly of Far Rockaway NY) and he is the father of six children and he is the proud grandfather of Ori Meir and Tehilah. Yakov was a teacher of English and History in local High Schools for many years. He has been active in Israeli politics as a member of the Labor Party since 1975 and is a member of Yitzhak Rabin's z"l forum in the party.
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