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A so-called Indian human rights expert, Miloon Kothari, said last week that he was very disheartened that social media is largely controlled by the “Jewish lobby.” He also questioned why Israel is even a member of the United Nations… and on that point I sometimes ask myself the same question!

Because the United Nations, while noble in its initial intent to be a body which represents the world’s countries, is nothing more than a cesspool of corruption and villainy. That is not to say that there aren’t good people or good countries with noble intentions within its structure, but when it comes to being a moral judge on humanity – it is an absolute and abject failure.

Miloon Kothari is an example of that. He is a Jew-hater – someone who is very offended by the very existence of Israel and the very existence of Jews. His attack on the Jewish people was so completely brazen and so completely shameless that even Federico Villegas, the head of another antisemitic body, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) said Kothari’s remarks “can be reasonably considered to be antisemitic.”

Ya think??

Of course, Kothari was backed up and defended by yet another Jew hater in Navi Pillay, who said Kothari’s comments were taken out of context.

Ah… that old chestnut… “taken out of context.”

It’s what every bigot says when their hatred is exposed so publicly and so blatantly for all the world to see. I’m sure he didn’t mean to “offend anyone” when he basically reverted to an age-old antisemitic trope of Jews controlling the media. And why not? It’s worked so well over thousands of years!

But like a perverted version of the Three Stooges, Navi Pillay, Miloon Kothari and Chris Sidoti, make up the head of a sham committee called “The United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and in Israel.”

And like the comedy of the Three Stooges, these people are supposed to be independent!?

Chris Sidoti – who is a “close friend and ally” to the PA-body known as the Independent Commission for Human Rights (another joke in itself).

Navi Pillay – who is on record for calling Israel an “apartheid state,” and has campaigned to boycott and sanction Israel.

And Miloon Kothari – whose comments… well… speak for themselves.

But we shouldn’t be surprised by the UN’s actions. And we shouldn’t be surprised by Kothari and his fellow tripartite of hatred. Unfortunately, this has been the eons old story of the Jews and their relationship to the rest of the world. The UN might just be the latest manifestation of this hatred, but it’s always existed in some form or other in each and every time and in each and every generation, and although the players may change, and the settings may change, and the institutions may change, the message remains the same.

The oldest hatred of all – Jew hatred – has always been vibrant with the ability to adapt to all circumstances in all times.

In biblical days, it was for believing in a single God when all others believed in idol worship.

In the time of the rising power of the Church it was for holding onto our Jewish beliefs when we were supposed to embrace Christianity – the new religion. We were also supposed to disappear as a relic of the past… but we didn’t.

In the time of the enlightenment, we were seen as incompatible to the new wave of progression sweeping the nation, holding onto a past that was no longer relevant.

In more modern times we were hated for our race or our ethnicity, a people whose very presence would poison the fabric of society.

And today we are hated for our nationality and our country of Israel – a state that is both modern and ancient, blending the cutting edge of technology with the ancient traditions of the past.

To be sure there are many out there who support us yet are often too afraid to stand up for what they know is right for fear of being ostracised from society and cast out, designated as outsiders, something Jews are all too familiar with.

As the pagan prophet, Balaam, once said about the Jews, “This is a people who dwell alone, not reckoned among the nations” (Numbers 23:9).

In many ways, Jews are an irritant to many. We are an irritant to Miloon Kothari and his warped perception of the world. We are an irritant to Mahmoud Abbas and his fantasy of revisionist history. We are an irritant to Iran and their Mullahs of Make-Believe. We are an irritant to the BDS groups, the Black Lives Matter and the many other organisations who don themselves in the garb of progressiveness but are in reality clad in the cloak of fascism.

But we will continue to be that irritant and to resist their constant and unrelenting attacks against us, against our history, against our country and against our very existence, for we are the original rebel alliance, fighting for our freedom against the evil empire of tyranny and oppression that seeks to suffocate our world and if successful will leave it in darkness and despair.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
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