Fighting Genocidal Hypocrisy with a Mirror

My blood boils in a mixture of anger and frustration and pity when ignorant and/or corrupted world leaders mistake themselves as moral authorities on the holocaust and the actions of the state of Israel. I can handle criticism of Israel, but not flammable lies and baseless accusations designed to stir up mass hatred and worse.

After South Africa’s pathetic attempt to define Israel’s actions in Gaza as genocide, the Brazilian and Columbian presidents have taken their turn to raise the ante and suggest that there is a Holocaust in Gaza. Clearly the entrance fee to their esteemed Israel bashing club does not require and any historical knowledge or understanding before shooting off lethal and false accusations.

Further, I will take the liberty of defining the mission of their old-new club: Don’t worry about our problems, corruption and incompetence, blame the Israeli’s, or the Jews, or the west, and get an automatic majority of supporters to offer us the flattery we so badly seek to stay in power.

Dear Mr’s Ramaphosa, da Silva and Petro, and there will be many others to follow no doubt, have you recently looked in the mirror and tried to understand who you are and what values you stand for? Look quietly and thoughtfully at that mirror and rather stay a quiet fool about history, a humble ignoramus about nuance, and a lazy minded student of analysis, than open your mouth so wide and prove your foolishness and hypocrisy for all to see. It seems clear that truth is not your guide, facts are not to get in the way of expedience, and hypocrisy is the easiest way out of self-reflection. So, I will not attempt to respond to your malignant statements with truth or facts, but maybe holding up that mirror could offer you a picture that is worth more than a thousand words that you will not hear.

I can see in that mirror that your club of friends are quite astute at practicing the Art of how to break relationships with certain friends like us Israeli’s with a basket of powerful tactics, for a start: Avoid Complexity and Nuance; Act with Bias and Inconsistency; Always Accuse before asking questions; Presume the other to be Guilty (but not your buddies ever); Time the attack when the other is hurting and traumatized and reeling from being attacked; Discourage Productive dialogue on solving problems; Burn Bridges wherever possible; Make Enemies with the enemy of your friends; and Do Not entertain the possibility that you are a Hypocrite or that your new friends are political scoundrels like you and will throw you under the bus when the tide turns.

About the Author
Yaron Damelin was born and raised in South Africa, and following high school and travel, he went to the University of Cape town where he completed my Bachelor of Arts in history and philosophy. Following his first degree, he studies for year in Yeshiva, before getting married and making Aliyah immediately after his “sheva brachot”. After making Aliyah, he obtained his MBA through Boston University on its campus in Beersheva and following that conscripted into the IDF where he served as a combat medic. His wife and he have six kids and two grandchildren and live in Ra’anana. In Israel, he initially worked in marketing and business development in various startups in Israel's Silicon Wadi. In 2000, with the early Internet boom, he moved into the Intellectual Property (IP) field, where he has been deeply engaged since, and where he has specialized in IP Portfolio Development and Management, and Strategic Business Consulting. He is founder and CEO of FocusIP Ltd., an IP Management Consultancy. More recently, following a passion and dream, he has pivoted to specialize in Strategic Technology for Green/Climate-Tech ventures and companies. He has a podcast called “Green Focus”, and is driven to help Green-Tech clients leverage their IP to Green the World.
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