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Film Addresses Dramatic Rise in Global Antisemitism

In an attempt to limit the virulency of this antisemitic mutation, I’ve blacked out “the lizard people” but left enough to illustrate the problem in this page-capture.

It’s one thing if you stupidly believe “lizard people” run the world,[1] but when this bats-in-the-belfry conspiracy theory takes on antisemitic overtones, it’s a conspiracy on steroids that needs to be defused.

From when I minored in “The Study of Genocide” field at my university in the mid-1980s to today, I could not have anticipated the current amplification of anti-Semitism through re-posted images ~ such as the example I’ve provided for this blog post, and words on the Internet.

One of the virulently reposted images I saw is included in this post. Someone had followed my floral-only Twitter account without attributions on his images, so I looked closer. In my following the breadcrumbs to another account, I came upon this appalling image in an account associated with an account purporting to be “The Gnostic Society of Persia.”

A page-capture of what purports to be a page of “The Gnostic Society of Persia.” I was unable to verify if this is a real association’s presence on Twitter.

In a rough translation of Farsi, Google translation provided in English what the bigoted post sought to imbue: A Jewish mafia or cabal (both antisemitic tropes) is the “driving force for the unrest in the Middle East.”

The virulence ~ obviously exponentially increased by the Internet’s reach ~ is something the racists and eugenicists, and later the Nazis, of the beginning of the past century could never have dreamed. Therefore, when “the Lizard People” running the world are identified as Jews, it is important to take notice, and to combat it because tolerance of such potentially murderous worldviews is something a civilized world cannot ignore.

That brings us to the film that combats antisemitism by explaining and exposing it.

The film, titled “Viral: Antisemitism in Four Mutations,”[2] was recently written about by The Jewish News of Northern California and reprinted in The Times of Israel.[3]

“Any person who follows the news knows that anti-Semitism is on the rise around the world,” Jewish News wrote. “As it has spread, so has our insight that this is a hatred with many faces, a many-headed monster fed by myths about Jews that will not die.

“Its more violent manifestations ~ defacements of Jewish cemeteries, street attacks, armed assaults on Jewish institutions ~ are often referred to as ‘outbreaks,’ as if anti-Semitism[4] were a disease. Indeed, the phrase ‘virulent anti-Semitism’ is often used to describe the manifold expressions of that ideology. And as with a contagious disease, humanity must marshal all its informational resources to have any hope of defeating it.”

The first page of a page-caputure of an image search for the first image (unedited) in this article, showing the image’s popularity. Page search results revealed many more links.

And that is the main theme of this film.

“By virtually every yardstick, antisemitism in the US and Europe is rising and worsening in ways not seen since the 1930s,” the film’s website notes. “It comes in the forms of vandalism, social media abuse, assault and murder. Like a virus, it mutates and evolves across cultures, borders and ideologies, making it all but impossible to stop.”

Filmmaker Andrew Goldberg traveled to four countries in making the film.
“{He speaks to} … firsthand with victims, witnesses {and} anti-Semites,” the film promo states. “… The film examines how some on the American far right have incited such acts as the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA.

“In Hungary, we see how the Prime Minister {to whom Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently and disgracefully paid homage during a week-long broadcast from Hungary} has launched a massive campaign against Jewish Holocaust survivor and billionaire George Soros that’s reminiscent of Nazi propaganda. Moving to the far left in England, we see members of the traditionally anti-racist Labour party conflating Israel and Jews, causing tremendous pain for the Jewish community. And in France, the film illuminates the seemingly endless wave of violence against Jews by Islamists and radicals. The increasing bigotry, and at times violence, within each of these four countries paints a terrifying portrait of how global hatred disseminates and harms.”

It is worth watching, if you are able.

The documentary features a quote by activist Mr. Maajid Nawaz: “If we don’t draw a red line in the sand when it comes to antisemitism, Muslims will be next, gays will be next and everyone else who is deemed a minority will be next.”

I disagree.

The time to which Mr. Nawaz alludes is now. The metastasizing evils of hatred and intolerance (including antisemitism) already plague the body of humanity. They can no longer be ignored or civilization itself is in peril.

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