Filthy Rich, morally bankrupt

Any right minded individual who watched the four part Netflix documentary on Jeffrey Epstein (Filthy Rich) will have recoiled in horror as the full extent of his depravity was revealed. A picture emerges of a sociopathic and perverted narcissist who had no scruples taking advantage of underage girls for his own sordid pleasure and fancy. A special place in hell should be reserved for sexual predators who prey on the most weak and vulnerable members of society.

It is hard to ignore Epstein’s blatant Jewishness. Whilst the producers made the decision to omit any reference to the fact, from a Jewish vantage point it is the elephant in the massage parlour and makes for extremely uncomfortable viewing.

Targeting hundreds of underage girls is sickening enough. Emotionally manipulating their troubled minds is abhorrent (many believed that what he was doing to them was a form of love and were convinced he was going to marry them). But perhaps the most gut wrenching part of it all was the sheer injustice of the story – how he was able to practically get away with it all by exploiting his vast wealth, power and connections to make his crimes ‘kosher’.

In 2007, the FBI unearthed enough evidence to produce a 53-page indictment that could have sent Epstein to prison for life. Yet mysteriously, he managed to broker a plea deal ‘unprecedented in its leniency,’ which allowed him to serve just 13 months — not in federal or state prison, but in a private wing of a Palm Beach county jail. Adding insult to injury, he was allowed out for 12 hours a day under the guise of ‘work release’. Whilst subsequently on probation, he threw a giant party attended by Prince Andrew, breached house arrest almost daily and flew around unchecked in his private helicopter.

A flabberghasted FBI agent reports; “to violate probation in the state of Florida is illegal. Except for Jeffrey Epstein.

As more jaw dropping details emerge, you will demand to know how the hell he pulled it off. Obviously he could never have acted with such impunity alone. His coterie was comprised of the most elite and exclusive on the social circuit – shady ponzi schemer Steven Hoffenberg, Victoria’s Secret billionaire Leslie Wexler, legal powerhouses Alan Dershowitz and Jay Lefkowitz, Harvey Weinstein and even Woody Allen – were among the gluttonous parasites swarming his rotten resorts. All conspicuously and cringingly members of the tribe.

What a massive chillul hashem.

Even after Epstein was convicted and the truth laid bare, it is unfathomable that for the decade which followed he managed to maintain his reputation without any consequence for his convictions. And how? By donating millions of dollars to universities, research centres, conventions and conferences. Money not only speaks, it dictates.

How many more cover ups and crooked backdoor deals must we learn of?

Accused child molester Malka Leifer who faces 74 counts of sexual assault: protected and hidden for years by ministers at the top echelons of the Israeli judiciary;

Disgraced CEO Shalom Rubashkin convicted for 86 counts of financial fraud: had his 27 year prison sentence commuted by the US president himself;

Former teacher and child molester Todros Grynhaus: relied on a “prevailing attitude of insularity” to conceal his crimes, fled to Israel on a false passport before finally being deported to England to stand trial.

The list goes on…

Had I not seen these tactics employed first-hand, I might never have accepted such conspiratorial claims. But connections and influence undoubtedly account for the unconscionable decision by the Austrian judiciary to wrench my beautiful twin sons from their mother’s arms.

The hallmarks are all there; a high court judge (a convert to Judaism) on record as meddling in the case as a family friend, an orthodox psychiatrist and colleague fabricating a diagnosis without any examination, documents going ‘missing’, evidence of forgery overlooked, police charges suddenly and inexplicably dropped, witnesses heard in secret courts and concerned individuals threatened off. Like Jeffrey Epstein’s long suffering victims, we too were denied justice and continue to face the excruciating consequences.

Our community has jumped on the bandwagon of Black Lives Matter but what about Jewish lives and our children’s lives? Don’t they matter just as much? It is a sad indictment when the value of life is measured by money and power. Until the principles of morality and humanity override the desire to protect perpetrators and predators, we the many will remain the poorer for the despicable acts of the corrupt few.

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