Finding love in lockdown!

With most of the world in some form of lockdown, everyone is facing their own challenge right now – from health and wellbeing to work and finances

For those who are single, and often living alone, there are many added stresses and pressures, not least feeling that the search for the perfect partner has become more urgent than ever.

I am part of the team behind We Go Together – a free cross-denominational matchmaking service for members of the Jewish community aged between 28 and 80 in London and surrounding areas.

When lockdown first hit, we and our clients feared that the idea of dating and finding love would be another victim of this awful crisis.

However, we quickly discovered that being forced to take things slowly has brought more meaning and less pressure to so many burgeoning relationships.

Our process starts with a face to face (now FaceTime to FaceTime) meeting where we get to really know our clients and begin the process of finding someone for them.

During these many have expressed a silver lining of lockdown – that they can spend time chatting to potential partner online first, without the expectation to physically meet up before you know whether you will click.

For those already dating, I have heard some lovely stories of thoughtful treats being sent to each other. There were the doughnuts one man had delivered to his date to decorate with her daughter and the homemade guacamole left on his doorstep in return. Another lady left chicken soup on her dates doorstep .

Then there’s another couple who managed one dinner before lockdown – where they were the last people chatting in the restaurant – and have spoken every day since, discovering they like each other just as much when chilling in their PJs on FaceTime .

Now lockdown has been lifted a little in the UK, we are starting to see our couples enjoying socially distanced walks in the park. What may have seemed strange just a few months ago has now become a much more relaxed and natural way to get to know someone.

Those traditional pressures of booking the right restaurant or wearing the right clothes have disappeared, not to mention worries about who should open the car door or pay the bill at the end of the evening.

For those couples we introduced previously and are now in longer happy relationships, lockdown has seen some take the next step and move in together – telling me how pleased they are to have each other.

In fact one  couple have just announced their engagement today ! we wish them all the happiness in the world .

People who come to us are serious about wanting to find and build a meaningful long-lasting relationship and I believe that lockdown is actually giving them the space they need to achieve this.

That said, naturally we still have many unmatched clients. Right now, it’s a combination of female ‘go getters’ and more low key and relaxed men.

So if you are in the UK living in or around London and looking for love, and especially if you want to be matched with either of those types, then we want to hear from you. Just visit

About the Author
Lady Daniela Pears was trustee and Inter faith chair of Mitzvah Day for the last 10 years and was appointed Mayoress of Camden in recognition of her community engagement 2014-2015. She is also Chair of the JAMI Lunch Committee and is the Founder and Chair of We Go Together, a free, cross communal London based matchmaking service, for members of the Jewish community aged between 28 and 80.
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