First Israel, then London and Manchester

Day 2.  It didn’t take long.  It really didn’t take long before the Jew hatred started spilling out into the streets of the UK.  In London cars draped with Palestinian flags were seen driving around west London with the drivers hooting their horns and cheering at the success of Hamas killing Jews.

In Manchester, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign arranged a march where participants were seen carrying posters of support including one which said ‘Manchester supports Palestinian resistance’.  The chants which accompanied the march were the usual calls for the liberation of Palestine, in other words the destruction of Israel.  The police have been put on alert which is no bad thing, but the fact that the Hamas supporters are on the streets can only be a matter of considerable concern.

Over and over again, Jews in the UK have experienced significant increases in anti-Semitic incidents when Israel is involved in conflict with one or other of Hamas or the Palestinian Authority and this time has proved to be the same.  One of my friends observed the march first hand and explained to me that “it was really hard, watching Palestinian flags being waved, by loads of Muslim families, with smiles on their faces.”

Yesterday, the 7th October 2023 saw the largest number of Jews killed – over 700 – in a single day since the holocaust. 700.  Think about it.  An Easyjet Airbus 320-200 holds 186 people.  4 planes at 95% capacity amounts to just under 700 people. All gone now as a consequence of this barbaric attack.

So it is absolutely appalling to see that the following day that there should be a march openly supporting Hamas and by extension the murder of all these people as well as the kidnapping of 100 others.  Celebrating the murder of Jews has nothing to do with human rights. I have absolutely no idea how this march could possibly have been allowed to continue.

Hamas is a proscribed terrorist organisation yet open support for them is somehow something which is to be tolerated.  How can it be acceptable for these people to celebrate the murder and kidnap of Jews as well as visitors to Israel either working or on holiday. The answer is that it absolutely cannot.

I have said it before and I say again; if this march was in celebration of the Ku Klux Klan having murdered even just one person it would not have even have started, however peaceful it might be.  700 Jews murdered in one day and for reasons passing understanding this was celebrated only 24 hours later on the streets of Manchester.

It is not only Hamas that needs to be driven out of power. These marches claiming to be in favour of Palestine when it is obvious it is about intimidating and threatening Jews need to come to a halt. Calls to celebrate the war crime of killing innocent civilians have no place in a democratic society.  This is not about free speech it is about openly hating Jews and has to stop. The British Government has behaved commendably in supporting Israel and recognising the enormity of the evil visited upon Israel.  Let us hope that they are able to take the next step and bring the marches celebrating murder and kidnapping to an end.

About the Author
Robert Festenstein is a solicitor based in Manchester with considerable experience in Court actions. He is active fighting the increase in anti-Semitism in the UK and is President of the Zionist Central Council, an organisation devoted to promoting and defending the democratic State of Israel.
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