Five Blocks brings digital reputation management to the forefront at SXSW 2014

Coca Cola, Google, Apple. Yes, branding is important
Branding (branding image via Shutterstock)
Branding (branding image via Shutterstock)

No matter where in the world you are reading this story, your personal and company’s brand in the online world can make a difference in the way you are seen and perceived — particularly in times of crisis.

This is where Sam Michelson, and his team at Five Blocks comes into the picture with some pretty compelling technology and digital consulting services that help companies get their online reputation and digital branding aligned.

Sam was in Austin for SXSW 2014 to meet with major agencies and clients who were on hand to scope the landscape of what’s next in the online world.

To get a sense of the scope of the importance of brands at SXSW, click here and you will find that there were 700 events, speakers and subject matter having something to do with brands.

A Wealth of Reputation Management Expertise and Content on The Five Blocks Blog

If you want to gain a better understanding of what digital reputation management is all about, start making their blog a part of your reading and intelligence gathering routine.

Sam and his team are doing some really great work, blending the art and science of reputation management in an ever shifting online world.

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