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By the Grace of G-d

Fixing the world

How do you fix the world? You start by trying to see what went wrong. Nazis, Hamas etc. What went wrong? How did this evil happen? What caused it? When you know the cause, you can then try to figure out how to fix it.

Let’s start with the Nazis. How did they come to murder millions of innocent people? What was going on in their heads? How can people be so evil? How do you fix people’s thinking and attitudes?

Hamas brutalities. What were they thinking? Or what weren’t they thinking?

Why are things so crazy? In this modern world, which has come so far in technical and other developments, how do people become evil, hateful, murderous?

When a clock breaks, you go to a clock maker. He makes it, so he knows how to fix it. When a world breaks, when people break, you go to the Maker. The One Who created it all.

3,335 years ago, G-d revealed Himself to millions of witnesses at Mount Sinai. Millions of people who saw a historical event, and who transmitted a written and oral account of it to their children, and their children told their children, and so on, right to the present time.

G-d told Moses, at Mount Sinai, to tell all nations of the world to obey seven laws: To believe in G-d, not to curse G-d, not to murder, not to steal, not to commit incest or adultery, not to eat a limb from a living animal (which is cruelty) and to establish courts to ensure that these laws are followed.

And G-d gave the Jewish people the Torah, so that they can study His wisdom and instructions, in order to bring G-d’s holiness into the entire world, and to elevate the world to be holy, peaceful, and prosperous.

Thus G-d told the world, via His chosen people, the Jewish nation, what to believe and how to act. And that will keep the world peaceful.

So what did the Nazis and Isis and Hamas and others get wrong? They didn’t accept G-d’s rulership and His laws that He told Moses at Mount Sinai. Instead the Nazis relied on their own intellect. Don’t muder human beings, their intellect told them. But some people aren’t human beings, their intellect told them.

Hamas relied on their own understanding of what G-d wanted. So they decided, that in certain circumstances, G-d wants them to murder and torture innocents. They didn’t accept the revelation at Mount Sinai, with the seven laws, including the law to not murder.

How do you fix the world? With subservience to G-d, Creator of the world, and by obeying His laws, which He told Moses at Mount Sinai,

The first law, to believe in G-d, is crucial. It lays the basis and forms the foundation for the six laws that follow.

Belief in G-d, and not in your intellect. Belief in G-d, Who told Moses the seven laws at Mount Sinai, and not in your own ideas of what G-d wants. Belief in G-d, and not any other imagined supreme authority, like idols.

What is so terrible about worshipping something other than G-d. So someone wants to bow down to an idol — why does the Torah speak so strongly against it?

Because of what it can lead to. Take the Maya and Aztecs. Archaelogical findings and written accounts tell us that they tortured and sacrificed humans in order to nourish their gods. Because, like Hamas and the Nazis, they were not subservient to G-d and His laws from Mount Sinai.

This past year in Hawaii, a fire destroyed many lives. Reportedly there was a delay in transferring water to firefighters, because many Hawaiians venerate a certain plant, and the water was being held back in order to nourish the plant. Saving human life was considered less important, than saving a certain plant which was venerated due to polytheistic beliefs. (It’s not clear, if the water had been transferred earlier, if it would have helped. Nevertheless, it shows how even nowadays, worshipping other gods has the potential to destroy humanity.) More details can be found in my post titled “Fires.”

The first step, is to believe in G-d. To realize that He creates everything. To be thankful to Him, and to follow His laws that He commanded at Mount Sinai.

And when we accept His authority, then we accept the Torah’s ruling to not give away land. And we tell the world, that when we take over Gaza, we are staying there, forever, in order to protect lives (including Arab lives; because when they think that they might gain land, it encourages terrorists). So the way to bring peace, is for the Prime Minister to declare clearly, that the rumour about Israel giving away land is not true.

And soon we will see the complete Redemption with Moshiach, a time when all the nations will know G-d, a time when the world will be peaceful, forever.

May it happen soon.

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