Jacqueline Burnley
The Last Levite Chinese Brush Artist Baalat Teshuva

Flowers in the field

Why did I get lost?
Why hasn’t this happened yet?
Why is this happening now?
What reason is there for this?
What reason is there for that?
That does not seem fair!
Does anyone care?
Can anyone hear?
What’s the point of fear?
Why did that bee land here?
Why did I blink and not see?
Why does the cat follow me?
Can we ever be free?

Was it all set and planned?
If I give you a hand,
Where will we all land?
Just tracing shapes in the sand.

When can I sit down and play?
Like we did just yesterday.
Many years down the lane.
We collected leaves in vain.

You left your thoughts out in space,
Times seeps and runs the rat race,
Can we ever find a place?
Without tears on our faces?

What does it all mean?
What’s behind the grey screen?
Why so many shades of green?
Why aren’t things what they seem?

Only You know the time
You have diamonds to refine,
One day I will see mine,
Beneath the silver-edged pine.

There’s a box not opened yet,
Where we put things to forget,
Remember we walked and got wet,
Let’s grasp those dreams in a net!

Sifting grass in the field,
With life, I will wield
My strength as a bow,
Where gentle waters flow.

Smell a flower in a field,
Let all the others go,
Admire and breathe so slow,
Where do the gentle waters flow?

About the Author
I was born in London, England. My father was a Holocaust survivor, he fought for the British forces and was a strictly disciplined soldier of the highest intelligence using his many languages to his advantage in the War. He met and married my mother during the war in a whirlwind of ten days of romance, which we laughed and cried about for the next 50 years. I studied Art and English, qualified as a teacher, and used my skills to work all my life. My husband loved Israel and came as a lone soldier in the 1970s. We married and had two children. I became a Baal Teshuva and have been a long, interesting, transformative journey. I made aliyah by myself, in 2007 and against all odds cut ties with my country of birth, left my career, friends and family, to be near my family here, and to be blessed to be together with my grandchildren growing up In Israel.
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