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Israel is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has diverse landscapes and scenery. From the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on Earth, to the impressive craters in the Negev, everything is as little short of extraordinary. Small as the country may be, there are plenty of incredible opportunities for the perfect Instagram photo. This instagrammable place draws millions of travelers and tourists. If you’re in search of the most photogenic spots in Israel, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve decided to make your life easier by crafting a list of places where you can get the best photos.

Jaffa, Tel Aviv

If you go to Tel Aviv, make sure to pay a visit to Old Jaffa. This city is built around a seaport that happens to be in the midst of a revival. This beautiful and unique place is perfect if you want to spice up your Instagram feed. Go to the flea market, delight your taste buds with Abu Hassan or Shawarma Bino, and relax by the Mediterranean coast. And maybe take some pictures. Try to capture the sunrise on Jaffa. Or maybe go to Kikar Kdumim and St. Peter’s Church. Selfies and social media go hand in hand, so make sure your selfies are Instagram-worthy.

The Western Wall, Jerusalem

The ancient limestone is one of the holiest places for the Jewish religion. It’s a surviving remnant of the Second Temple of Jerusalem. If you want to impress your Instagram followers, take a picture, or more, of the Western Wall. As you can imagine, there are some photography restrictions. More precisely, you should take photos from afar. Get advice from the locals. There may be legal or cultural restrictions that you’re not aware of. You can spot the Western Wall from the Jewish Quarter. Don’t be surprised if you see that people have a hard time managing their emotions. The Western Wall makes you cry.

Bahai Gardens, Haifa

Going on vacation to Israel is a treat. You plan to travel to this instagrammable place, but also get a taste of Europe. If you stopover in France for a couple of days, convince a Paris escort to become your travel companion. You won’t get awesome photos by yourself. When you finally arrive in Israel, head on over to Buffa and see the Bahai Gardens. This tourist spot features 19 terraces that extend to the northern part of Mount Carmel. The geometry of the place is so complex that it’ll leave you speechless. The stunning gardens deserve to be immortalized on social media. So, get your camera and start shooting.

To conclude, some of the most picturesque places in the world can be found in Israel. When you get there, you’ll see that it’s true. Don’t postpone your vacation because you’ll regret it. the spectacular destinations discussed in this article are ready for a close-up. So, what are you waiting for? Go and find the most instagrammable views.

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