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Daniel Tragerman. Israelis know his name and his beautiful face. Being a Turk I was not aware of him until when I was doing a research about the crimes committed by Palestinians terrorists. That was when I came upon this little boy with golden hair. He was killed. He was 4 years old. I could never forget Daniel. I wrote his name on my heart.

I have been taking a course on Children’s Literature and each week I have to write a new story. This week I saw Daniel’s photo again, on the anniversary of his death. I had to write a story of a 6 year-old child that would experience an adventure and would undergo a psychological change. If you want to write a good story for children, you have to show them that they can overcome anything as long as they stay strong.

I picked up my pencil and papers and sat on my bed. His face came flashing through my mind. I couldn’t get away with his image. So I decided to write a story that Daniel would be the hero.

In the story, Daniel has a cat called Dubi and he falls into a pit and loses his way. With the help of a flutist strawberry, a rat and an owl, he manages to return back home and to his mother. I knew Daniel couldn’t live to see his 6th birthday. He never lost his way, he was killed when he was in the safest place, at home. But somehow I wanted to keep him alive, at least in this story he could play with his cat and he could dream about a future. At least in this story, his mother would be able to prepare him a strawberry tarte.

I don’t know if I will be able to publish this little story but I know this little boy with an angelic face will always remain in my heart. In Turkish we say “haksızlık” for injustice which can literally be translated as “lack of hak”. Hak means “right” but in fact, it is one of God’s names because God is always just and He is the divine justice himself. When something is unjust, in Turkish we also imply that this is something that God would not accept. So I believe his death is one of those events that even God cried.

Being a non-Jew, a young woman with no child, I can’t find a reason to hate someone so much that you kill their children. Even if the Palestinian side think God is on their side, they will never triumph because God never demands killing innocent children and never forgives the people who commit such horrendous crimes. Daniel is safe with God in heaven now, noone can hurt him anymore but the other children living in Israel now deserve to live in a safer land and they should only worry about whether their mother would prepare a strawberry tarte or not in the weekend.

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