Four Reasons Why I’m Voting Netanyahu and Likud

  1. He’s Doing and Has Done an Excellent Job

Yes, excellent. If this were an employee performance review and not an election, Prime Minister Netanyahu (call me old fashioned but I don’t believe I’ve earned the right to call him Bibi) would be getting a glowing review. Security, economy, foreign relations and more. Are things perfect? No. Are they ideal? Of course not. But, leading Israel to a place where it’s now recognized as one of the eight most powerful countries on EARTH is at least deserving of keeping his job. With all the noise surrounding this election, I hope his words are heard loud and clear when he says his relationships with foreign leaders, Presidents Trump and Putin especially included, are a national asset. We’d be foolish not to let them continue.

  1. Change for the Sake of Change is Ludicrous

I have heard calls for “term limits” for as long as I can remember – and the idea seems ridiculous. Firstly, that’s the point of regular elections isn’t it? – to decide which leaders we want to stay and which we  want to go. Secondly, wouldn’t term limits discourage highly qualified people from making public service a career? Completely dedicate yourself for a certain number of years and then be removed/replaced for no good reason – especially once one has learned the system, is maximizing effectiveness and “getting things done”.

  1. He Has Earned and Deserves Our Support

To call our prime minister “embattled” is a gross understatement. His detractors have been formidable and relentless. Jewish leadership has been a thankless endeavor from the time of Moses and until now. Ask anyone who’s been a synagogue president, head of a Jewish organization (lay or professional), even a teen president of their youth group. There is a concept in Judaism called “hakarat hatov” – acknowledging the good / showing appreciation. Unfortunately the history of the Jewish people – also from the time of Moses – reflects that if criticizing, second-guessing and armchair quarterbacking were Olympic Events, the Jewish people would dominate – gold, silver and bronze. No other nations need even show up. How many people have stopped for a moment and thought what Benjamin Netanyahu has done with his life – only dedicated it wholeheartedly to the growth, protection, success, and future viability of this fledgling state – this first experiment in Jewish self-rule in 2000 years. And at the same time suffering derision and personal insults to his family. Not that he’s ever asked, but how about a THANK YOU somewhere along the way.

  1. Likud is the Party that Represents Survival and Stability

Political parties have come and gone, but Likud is the one that has persevered when others have disappeared. Even its longtime arch rival, the Labor Party – the party of Rabin and Peres – is in shambles.

The prime minister has a solid list behind him – several capable, talented, committed, passionate and in many cases, proven individuals:  Yuli Edelstein, newcomer and immediate past mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, Gila Gamliel, Tzipi Hovotely, Yariv Levin, Zeev Elkin to name a few. The more votes for Likud will result in the less wheeling and dealing Prime Minister Netanyahu will have to do with the smaller parties in order to form and maintain a government. Further, the wheeling and dealing usually means the Knesset members from his own party get lesser responsibilities because he will have to give the most important ministries to the smaller parties to get them on board. It’s a flaw of our system. A record number forty – seven parties are registered for this election. Absurd. I’ll stick with what works.

There are more reasons, but these are more than enough. At this time in our history and in light of the current realities, internally and globally, the choice is clear.

About the Author
Kenny Kodish is a writer and tour operator, residing in Neve Daniel, Gush Etzion. He is the founder of Israel Legacy Tours and has worked in senior management in Jewish non-profit and the hospitality industry.
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