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Franklin Roosevelt had Jewish blood on his hands

Franklin Roosevelt was a eugenicist with similar racial beliefs as the Nazis without taking his policies to the same extremes. But had no problem with the Nazis killing Jews. There were ample opportunities he could have acted to save Jewish refugees. He did nothing.

To list all Roosevelt did to prove he had no interest in saving Jewish lives from the Holocaust would take volumes of books. With a blog limited out of necessity, I am including just a small list of Jewish lives that could have been saved by a morally bankrupt president.

On May 13, 1939, The St. Louis arrived at Cuba with over 900 passengers. The majority were Jewish refugees who had travel permits that were denied by the Cuban government. Only a small handful were allowed to enter.

Being so close to Miami, Roosevelt was cabled by several Jewish people on board seeking help. Returning was believed to be a death sentence.

According to the United States Holocaust Museum, regarding the St. Louis:

“Roosevelt never responded. The State Department and the White House had decided not to take extraordinary measures to permit the refugees to enter the United States. A State Department telegram sent to a passenger stated that the passengers must “await their turns on the waiting list and qualify for and obtain immigration visas before they may be admissible into the United States.”

No one in the United States government did anything to save even a single, Jewish refugee on that ship. Had it not been for other European nations, like Britain, those hundreds would have been killed. Not all survived, but hundreds of lives were saved by European leaders.

Roosevelt was in a position to save them all. And he did nothing.

Also in 1939, in response to Kristallnacht, the Wagner-Rogers Bill was proposed that would have saved 20,000 Jewish children of German birth. Children, not adults, but children who happened to be Jewish.

According to the United States Holocaust Museum, on the Bill:

“Democratic senator Robert Wagner of New York and Republican congresswoman Edith Nourse Rogers of Massachusetts sponsored identical bills in the US Senate and House of Representatives to admit 20,000 German refugee children under the age of fourteen over a two-year period. The bills, written by Pickett and his interfaith colleagues, specified that 10,000 children each fiscal year (1939 and 1940) would enter the United States and not be counted against the existing immigration quota laws.”

When Roosevelt supported something in Congress, he was vocal about it. When it came to saving Jewish children, he was silent. His silence cost 20,000 Jewish children their lives.

Roosevelt could have gone further than saving 20,000, and those from the St. Louis who were lost to the Nazis. He could have done away with quotas for Jewish refugees.

Had Roosevelt not been morally reprehensible, he could have let it be known that all Jewish people fleeing the Nazis would find haven in the United States. He would rather them die in Europe, than allow them to live in America due to his own racial hatred of Jews.

The quotas limiting immigration to the country were there because Roosevelt wanted them in place. He could have relaxed them at any time. He did nothing. To him, it was better they die in Europe at the hands of the Nazis, than save a single person.

It was not enough he did nothing to save Jewish lives in America. He wanted them nowhere near the United States, as historian, Rafael Medoff, documented in his book, The Jews Should Keep Quiet: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rabbi Stephen S, Wise, and the Holocaust.

From the Times of Israel:

“For example, when the Dominican Republic made a public offer to take in 100,000 Jews on visas, the administration undermined the plan. From Roosevelt’s point of view, explained Medoff, that country was too close to home, and Jews deposited there would inevitably come to America. Officials in the US Virgin Islands, too, were willing to rescue Jews by letting them into the country, but Roosevelt halted the plan, wrote Medoff.”

100,000 Jewish refugees could have been saved without Roosevelt having to allow a single one into America. Roosevelt would rather them die, than come have Jewish people living too close to America that might end up in the United States.

Over and over again, Roosevelt proved that he had no problem with Hitler killing Jews, including children.

Roosevelt had Jewish blood on his hands. And did not care.

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