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Rabbi Yakov Saacks, The Chai Center, Dix Hills, NY

I have been perusing many social media sites trying to gauge the temperature with regards to Israel and its latest tensions.

Not surprisingly, there is so much disinformation out there, and unfortunately the bias media and the sheeple that follow are spewing blatant untruths, not even knowing or caring that what they are saying is completely and utterly false.

It is in fact so disheartening to see so many everyday Americans buy the lies hook line and sinker. In my opinion, there is a battle going on in the world between good and evil and unfortunately, evil seems to be coming out on top.

In an attempt to clear up much of the confusion, I would like to answer some of the accusations lobbied against Israel. These facts are based on historical facts and not on one’s emotion. It is my fervent hope and prayer that balance is restored and good can beat back the wicked.


Before I forge ahead into the myths and facts; I want to address the ultimate myth of hashtag #FreeGaza. You see this slogan everywhere; on social media, at protests and some members of Congress spew it as well.

For the record, I also agree that Gaza should be freed. The only question is, free from whom? Gaza is not ruled by Israel and has not been since 2005. Gaza is ruled by Gaza. Specifically, Gaza is ruled by Hamas terrorists.

This despicable regime sucks all the money that is supposed to go to the residents of Gaza and instead uses it for rockets, launchers and weaponry. These evil terrorists take all the building supplies donated by the international community and instead of building housing, hospitals and schools, they use it to build terror tunnels. These tunnels serve two purposes. 1. To allow killers to infiltrate Israel via underground undetected in order to kill Jewish civilians. 2. When Israel retaliates against the thousands of rockets fired upon Israel, these same tunnels are opened for all terrorists to hide in while the poor Gazan population gets to witness Israel’s attempt to stop the indiscriminate attacks.

Think about this. Israel builds bomb shelters to protect its civilians when it is being shelled and the Israeli soldiers remain above ground to protect. Hamas builds shelters strictly for its soldiers of terror while its civilians are left to fend for themselves. I agree 1000000% FREE GAZA NOW!


MYTH: The Jews have no connection to the Middle East. They come from Eastern Europe.

FACT: Jews are called Jews because we come from JUDEA. There has been a continuous Jewish presence in the land of Israel since we entered close to 3,300 years ago.

MYTH: In 1948, the Jews took over the Palestinian State and called it Israel.

FACT: There has never been an independent Palestinian state. The Jordanians were the occupiers. In fact, between 1948 and1967, Arafat and his cohort could have declared a Palestinian State, but did not in those 19 years.

MYTH: The Palestinians were not even offered a state of their own. Ever.

FACT: The Arabs of “Palestine” were offered their own state, side-by-side with Israel, in 1947 by the UN. They, along with the surrounding Arab countries, rejected the partition recommendation (UN Resolution 181), which resulted in an invasion by five Arab armies to destroy the entire Jewish community of Israel.

Furthermore, Arafat had been offered a state so many times. There have been a number of US Presidents that have tried, but each time Arafat rejected it. Do not take my word for it; read Bill Clinton’s book, My Life.

In fact, Israel offered the Arabs an independent state, and has been the first to do so. Jordan did not. The British did not.

MYTH: If there were no settlements in the Arab controlled areas, then there would be peace.

FACT: The Israeli settlements in Gaza is 0%. The Israeli settlements in Judea/Samaria, also known as the West Bank, is 2–3 %.

MYTH: Israel kills innocent civilians just because they are Arabs.

FACT: IDF sends warning leaflets and makes phone calls to Gazan civilians letting them know that due to terrorist activity and missile fire from their residential buildings, schools and hospitals, they are being asked to evacuate before it attacks. It is Hamas who fires rockets from schools and hospitals endangering the lives of their own people.

MYTH: It is unfair that Israel has the Iron Dome to protect it from rockets, while the Gazans do not have this lifesaver.

FACT: The Gazans and Hamas do have an Iron Dome. Simply put: If you do not shell Israel, they will 10000% not retaliate and you will be fine. The Gazan Iron dome is way more guaranteed than the Israeli one.

MYTH: The Palestinians are an impoverished people.

FACT: Arafat died a billionaire. Abbas has over 100 million dollars. Hamas has spent billions on rocket launchers, rockets, tunnels, weaponry and tactical gear. If these monies were distributed to the people as it was supposed to, there would be no poverty at all.

MYTH: Israel has no tolerance for Arabs and Muslims.

FACT: Israel goes to great lengths to assure freedom of religion. In contradistinction to the ongoing burning of Christian buildings in many Arab lands, as well as the forced expulsion of close to a million Jews from Arab lands.

MYTH: Israel is an apartheid state.

FACT: This is the biggest doozy. Israel protects the rights of all of its citizens. In Israel, one can be any religion one chooses or not be religious at all. One can be black, brown, white or yellow. It does not matter. One can be gay, transgender, cross dresser or all of the above. It does not matter. Try to be an open homosexual in Gaza and see what happens.

In conclusion, the claim of an apartheid state is simply a smokescreen to deflect what is really going on in the streets of the truly oppressed.

I know that the hatred of Jews of Israel is so strong that this short expose will have no real sway. So, why do I take the time you may ask? First, I cannot sit idly by when Cooper, Rashida, Amanpour, Mika and Ilhan lie straight at the camera with no compunction. Secondly, I am hoping that one person will read this and research the historical facts and not get snookered by a horrific bias any longer.

Please feel free to share.

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Rabbi Yakov Saacks is the founder and director of The Chai Center, Dix Hills, NY. The Chai Center has been nicknamed by some as New York's most Unorthodox Orthodox Center.
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