Two friends in Jerusalem. Courtesy of the author.
Two friends in Jerusalem. Courtesy of the author.

While walking the many roads of life, some of peace, some of strife. Wondering what’s beyond the bend, I realize there’s no one like a friend.

When a storm blows and the wind howls, when smiles turn to sagging jowls. I know there will always be a hand to lend, because there’s nothing like a being a friend.

The sun shines, with trees in full bloom. Not a cloud in sight, flowers in June. Hoping this beautiful scene won’t end. Knowing it is best shared with a friend.

To show how one cares for another, happy to support and be there for each other. Not being left being left alone to fend, as there will always be a friend.

Sometimes joyful, sometimes sad. Sometimes simple and others grand, but always with an embracing hand. A unique mixture, a perfect blend, which creates that wonderful and special gift known as a friend.

About the Author
Eli Menasse, originally from Monsey NY, has enjoyed poetry and creative writing since he was a teenager. Having studied in Yeshivat Aish HaTorah in Israel and earned his BA in Psychology from Touro College in NY; he is passionate about using creativity in sharing the beauty of Israel, Jewish values and human kindness.
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