Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


They seemed so friendly. They cared about us, and cared about everyone who was in need. They wanted to help all of humanity, or so they said.

Who are they? What do they really stand for? What do they believe in?

Why would they approve massacres? Genocide. Why would they support and cheer on Hamas?

Who are these people who pretend to be your best friend, pretend to be wonderful morally upright, caring lovers of mankind. And the next day they encourage Nazi-like genocidal atrocities.

May the memory of their treacherous poisonous ideology be obliterated from the land. May we never again remember their hypocrisy, their lies. May they very soon see how wrong they were. May Hamas be destroyed, and may falsehood be gone forever.

Torah is true. The laws of the Torah are pure, G-d’s will. And soon the entire world will agree.

Moshiach is coming soon. Very soon. We can feel it in the air. We can feel it in the newfound strong unity among Jews, the fierce determination to destroy Hamas, despite what the world says.

We will win. And the world will soon see that G-d protects His people. We will win, and humanity will be saved. We will win. The day looks clear and bright. There is no fear, as we march on to victory.

We are winning. Moshiach is very close.

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