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From a lockdown to a quarantine

Spanish medical staff enters a Chernobylesque environment. (Courtesy)

I’m in Spain. Now extremely hazardous, on pair with Italy and the number of infected keeps growing day by day at a rate no one is sure of. Tomorrow I begin my journey back to Sweden, where it’s business as usual.

That frightens me. The business as usual. About 2000 infected and 20 dead. And the Swedish government is at this moment not considering a lockdown or total quarantine. It is like Sweden has never suffered trauma, nor has it had to cope with an enemy. Especially not an invisble one.

Some people downplay this by comparing it to a normal flu. It is not a normal viral flu. It is very contagenous, it causes respiratory failure at worst and we have no vaccine against it. Why not take the simple precaution of just halting the society for 2 – 3 weeks?

What I have been observing here at first hand is the same kind of attitudes, and the fallout of it. In a matter of a week or two Sweden will be in the same position – like it or not but the country is following in the footsteps of those countries who has been hit worst. That worries me.

What worries me even more is the modus operandi when I finally get home. I will sure as hell buy supplies at a decent rate to survive at home. While others just takes life for granted. But it is ever so fragile. Not to mention Sweden’s older population. Field hospitals are being set up in every major and minor city – that is good. But do we even have to come to that measure? Why not just see it as your civic duty and stay the f*ck home?

People will call me a man-splainer, hypocondriac and what not. But watching this first hand is just a sign – yet again of what we will face.

I posted a link to a Chinese government official describing how they dealt with it. He admitted it was draconical, drastic and even over the top. But the result is chrystal clear – each country trialing measurements by fault and error will not make it. A pandemy affects us all – no matter culture, origin, religion or citizenship. People may call China a dictature, and yes it is. Yet this dictature came with some sane advice. What is the problem doing the same thing?

The show must go on people say – so small businesss won’t collapse. So large corporations do not have to lay off thousands of workers. But we are already there – despite Sweden issued a monumental help package for making them survive. Still there will be people facing bankruptcy, they will have to leave their homes. Their savings in the stock market has plummeted. So has mine.

I have been on complete lockdown in Spain for ~12 days. When I come home I have to self-quarantine for 14 days. That is good. And I have a government job to return to when my quarantine is over. So I belong to the lucky few who doesn’t need to worry.

But I still watch people – in dismay according to me – who goes on ski vacation. Who keeps going out. I see companies downplaying this by offering night clubs and after-ski for “maximum 500 people”. I am speechless.

I can not find words for those arranging it or for those attending it.

I watch Israel disobbeying the lockdown. Are people actually crazy? Before everyone was looking at their smartphones and tablets 24/7. Now suddenly everyone feels the total urge to gather, be in parks and does not hesitate to study at a yeshiva. Now – the health care system has to take care of everyone. Be they swedish party winter skiers or be they yeshivot attendees. In my world – those who do not take their responsibility I honestly wish they rwceive 2nd class help when the corona hits them. Luckily I am not the decision maker there.

I have refrained from writing something here for a while. But when it is all over us – and some politicians try to take advantage of it I need to speak out loud and clear.

Stop. Just stop right now. Do not use loop-holes in order to stay in power. I am pointing fingers directly at king Bibi and his prince Edelstein. You are turning Israel into a banana republic. And the world is watching – make no mistake, this will just make Israel sink lower in terms of diplomatic relations. And Trump will not last forever.

Now – I referred to China as a prime example of how to deal with this Corona Covid19 call it whatever you want – so yes. I am referring to a dictatorship when it comes to handle this. But that does not mean that these two A-holes can use the situation for their own best.

To all medical instituons. You work your ass off. Keep up the good work. And help Italy, Spain and other countries hit hard. Do not be a selfish bastard. Take responsibility for your own and others well-being.

And yes, I’m travelling from a collapsed stae lockdown and will be entering quarantine. A month of Netflixing.

Over and out.

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