Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

From every direction

It seems that Israel and the Jewish people are being attacked or condemned from every corner of the world.

Biden yells at Netanyahu. Cameron yells at Gantz. Arab countries denounce Israel. Many European countries scream for a ceasefire. Pro-Hamas demonstrators shout worldwide.

But there is a G-d in this world. He is everywhere, and He conducts everything by Divine providence.

So Biden keeps sending weapons to Israel. Britain and the US keep attacking the Houthis. Europe and other countries have been clamping down on antisemitism. Arab leaders secretly want Hamas (a danger to Arab regimes and to all of humanity) to be eliminated.

Sometimes we need to filter out the background noise, and focus on the important things.

It’s been two thousand years of exile, and the Jewish people have stayed loyal to G-d, and have illuminated the world with His message. And G-d is protecting His chosen nation.

Israel is firm. Netanyahu is resolute. We are not afraid, because G-d watches over us.

Moshiach is close. G-d’s majesty will soon be recognized and accepted by all.

Forget the noise. Redemption is imminent, a time of peace and prosperity for all mankind.

May it happen very soon.

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