From exhaustion to exaltation – 80 Kilometers trail race

In long runs, it is customary to think that you are most likely to expect a crossing of the finish line. But this time, it was not the sweetest moment.

After a little over 70 kilometers of running, I reached the top from where I could watch over the city of Jerusalem, and suddenly everything was connected – the rhythm of the breathing, the scenery, the music playing in the earphones. And from there to the finish, an hour later, I just felt like I was flying. The joy I felt as I ran through the forest, on a perfect day, accompanies me long after the experience is over.

Though, a few hours earlier, it was far from perfect. I was in the middle of a long, rocky section that felt as if it would never end. I was tired, the rain was beginning to annoy me, and I had no idea how long I had left to the nearest feeding station. And as happens in almost every long (very long) run, the moment comes when you just ask yourself – how did I ever get here?

In a world that constantly engages us in stimulus, there’s something very pure about a trail race. Allegedly, it’s the simple act of running – that we all know and some of us have learned to love. But when you run outdoors, in nature, for a relatively long time, there is a sense of depth, regeneration, and also introspection. Thus, sometimes you come slowly in the middle of the forest, at a competition of 80 kilometers and ask yourself, why this is good?

It’s good, because these hours alone on a long run, are a journey that is only yours. For when there are crises, only you can find the reasons to overcome them. And when all shall connect and flow – this happiness will be yours.

It’s been several years since I finished some of the races I attended, but even today I can remember almost every moment of them. It’s a bit strange when it comes to races that have lasted more than 20 hours. And frankly, how many other events in the course of life we ​​will remember years later, at a level of detail that will allow us to live the moment again.

At the end of this week, hundreds of runners will jump into the Hirus ultra-marathon run in the Jerusalem Hills. I have no doubt that (almost) everyone will experience similar senses – of exhaustion and elation. And for many of them, this experience will be significant even in years to come.

The HUM race is the largest and toughest terrain race in Israel – it was launched for the second consecutive year on- the 6th and 7th of December, 2018 in Jerusalem.

About the Author
Daniel Argo is a physician, an ultra-marathon runner, and he's also one of the HUM race's initiators.
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