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From Holocaust Victim to Immanent Messiah – IV

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In the Post, The Transcendent and the Immanent Messiah – IV, from February 24, 2024, I quoted  an important information about the awakening of an Immanent Messiah from the website,

Some Messiahs appear to be completely or partially veiled from awareness of their true identity until awakened to it by a Perfect Master who has incarnated to do so, or through a supra-conscious experience of the Divine. Master Mosheh was dramatically changed by his experience of the “Burning Bush.” … The Perfect Master John baptized Master Yeshuvah in the Holy Spirit. The monk Totapuri struck the Bengali avatar Sri Ramakrishna in the center of his forehead with a sharp rock. It immediately sent him into a nirvikalpa samadhi that lasted for six months and culminated twelve years of intense spiritual practices, after which Ramakrishna commenced his activity as a World Teacher.

From this point of view, what happened to me was an extraordinary event indeed! On January 9, 1974, I had an unexpected, amazing metaphysical encounter with the Spirit of Zoroaster. This contact changed my life completely. I still considered myself a devoted disciple of the Master Beinsa Douno, but the link with the Spirit of Zoroaster opened a new type of a spiritual school to me – The Greater Mysteries: Schools of the Spirit, in the World of Creation (according to the quoted before Kabbalistic scheme of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi).

What actually happened, I could share another time. Now it is enough to say that this event was my shock for the spiritual awakening as an Immanent Messiah. In fact, I had to deal with the events in this amazing week (January 9-16, 1974) from the Spirit of Zoroaster’s point of view. Obviously, they were great challenges for me. Some of them included:

  1.  An appointment as a main culturologist in my professional work from the Institute of Musicology on the theme “Main Tendencies in the Development of Human Culture up to the Year 2000”;
  2.  The knowledge from the monumental book The Rose of the World by the great Russian mystic Daniil Andreev. In it he wrote that ‘The great spirit-man who was known in his past incarnation as Zoroaster leads the creation of what I would dare to call the “great drawing” of the Rose of the World.’ (D. Andreev, The Rose of the World, Moscow 2000, p. 133);
  3.  Getting familiar with the teaching of Rudolf Steiner about the incarnation of Zoroaster’s Spirit in the young 12-years old Jesus;
  4.  Encouragement by the Invisible World to achieve Zoroaster’s Nirvana by dissolving into the Universal Light of Ahura Mazda;
  5.  Appreciating our family connection with the famous pianist in the XX century, Clara Haskil, who was considered one of the best performers of Mozart music (my Father was a close relative of her Mother, born in Bulgaria). Here it is significant to note that in Mozart’s last opera ‘The Magic Flute’, the initiator of Tamino and Pamina is Sarastro (i.e., Zoroaster).

Immediately after the link with the Spirit of Zoroaster, I communicated this ‘Zoroaster story’ with the Leaders of the Universal Brotherhood and spiritual friends, sharing with them my thoughts, feelings and actions. They were always friendly to me, but, for one or another reason, they did not accept my existential story. Therefore, I had to continue alone on my spiritual and mystical path.

Amazingly, at the beginning of March 1974, perhaps in order to pass some existential and metaphysical exams, I was told by the Invisible World that I had to prepare myself for attaining a new type of Nirvana – ‘Zoroaster’s Nirvana’. For this purpose, I had to go to a special place, (which I had not visited before), on the sacred Bulgarian mountain Rila for March 22. In general, I knew the direction, but on March 22 Rila Mountain is still practically covered in snow. Nevertheless, I was relaxed within and started my journey in good confidence. Interestingly enough, all the way to the place, I was supported by the Invisible World, which manifested itself in amazing coincidences and quite a few special circumstances. I spent in this place more than a week surrounded by friends, incredible mountain beauty and wonderful spiritual feelings and thoughts. At this particular time, I did not achieve ‘Zoroaster’s Nirvana’, but even the preliminary stages of this sublime state of consciousness were staggering.

Many years later I did experience something like ‘Zoroaster’s Nirvana’. It happened at an amazing spiritual event which took place on July 11, 2003 in the Summer Assembly of our international spiritual group on the sacred mountain Rila in Bulgaria. That morning, we had a wonderful Sunrise ceremony and after breakfast ascended to the Plateau towards the Fifth Lake. At a very picturesque point on the plateau, overlooking the valley of the Lakes and in view of the surrounding summits, I had a staggering mystical vision: I linked mystically with the Cosmic-spiritual Sun at the centre of the Universe, experienced dazzling light and witnessed a miraculous phenomenon. To my great wonder, the Cosmic-spiritual Sun started rhythmically slowly approaching the Earth, increasing enormously in size, and then withdrawing again. It was radiating the creative Light of G-d, which manifested as the Divine Spirit generating the whole of Creation. It is difficult to describe all the thoughts and feeling which I felt, but I could well identify, in Zoroastrian terms, this Cosmic-spiritual Sun with the essence of Ahura Mazda, who is the great universal Divine Light, ‘lying behind the Sun and the stars, which lights the world’. It is interesting to note that some friends from the group had similar visions and felt an amazing Divine presence also.

Soon after the January 9, 1974, I realised that I was directed by the Invisible World to move from the Spiritual School of the Soul (in the Kabbalistic World of Formation) to the Mystery School of the Spirit (in the Kabbalistic World of Creation). There, of course, I was in a completely different stream of destiny. In accordance with the Mystery School of the Spirit, the participants have to awaken their Divine Self, ascend to the highest Divine World and merge ultimately with G-d, the Father-Mother of Creation. Thus, they embark from the Path of the Soul into the Path of the Initiate in the World of Creation.

The Path of the Initiate requires physical and moral purity, non-egocentrism, self-denial, unconditional love, absolute truthfulness, life for the whole, vows and commitment to fulfill the Will of God, joining the Light forces, recognition and transformation of all kinds of dark forces. The Path of the Initiate is based on such principles as wholeness, holiness, balance between all polarities, spiritual creativity in contact with G-d, integrity, planetary consciousness (i.e., thinking from the perspective of all humankind) and so on.

Some of the main tasks which determine the style of life of the participants in The Mystery School of the Spirit are:

– Developing the higher spiritual bodies with which we could live in all three levels of Creation, i.e., in the Physical World with an illuminated physical body and personality, in the World of Angels with a Soul in full bloom, and in the highest Divine World with an awakened Divine Self. Thus, we achieve the richness and fullness of our cosmic-spiritual wholeness and become micro-models of Creation. This is to build ourselves as Divine Temples where the Spirit of G-d lives forever;

– Developing a whole new, spiritual, level in our lives on Earth. Now for most people the main goals of life are to have a family, children, home, food, work, friends and so on. The main goals of the spiritual life are to realize the Divine Wedding between the Soul and the Spirit within; to have spiritual children; to build our life as a Divine Temple which will become our spiritual home; to receive the living bread for eternal life; to establish close spiritual friendships with others (let us remember that ‘there is a friend closer than a brother’); to receive a spiritual mission;

–  Respect, love, care and deep appreciation for Nature, the environment and our beloved planet Earth;

– Transforming daily life into a cosmic-spiritual existence where all Worlds of Creation become transparent and interconnected. Then an integrated, dynamic system will be formed where the processes on one level affect the others;

– Climbing to the top of the Sacred Mountain through different routes established by different world religions, thus receiving their initiations.

Here it is important to emphasize that in the transcendental World of Creation one could merge with the Cosmic Body of a Divine Master and becomes one with Him/Her. This does not mean that the person is an incarnation of this Divine Master on Earth – it simply indicates that one ’dissolves’ in the cosmic aura of the Divine Master and could see the world from his perspective. In order to build my spiritual bodies, the Invisible World helped me to merge with such great Divine Masters as Zoroaster, Moses, Orpheus, Buddha, Plato, Pythagoras, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Ramakrishna, the Master Beinsa Douno, as well as inspiring Personifications of the Divine Mother.

So, merging with Divine Masters, for instance the Spirit of Zoroaster, did not mean that I was an incarnation of Zoroaster. It simply directed me to see the world through ‘his eyes’. In this way all my connections with the Divine Masters became great existential stories and helped me to enter in their cosmic auras and to develop my own spiritual bodies. As a result of my participation in the Mystery School of the Spirit, initiated by the Spirit of Zoroaster and in direct contact with other great Divine Masters and Personifications of the Divine Mother, I began to purify my Physical and Etheric bodies and to build my spiritual bodies – the Astral, the Causal, the Buddhic, the Atmic and the Higher Divine Self. This was an astounding metaphysical and mystical process for which I was ascending into the Divine World of Creation and  merging with one or another Divine Master.

Each connection with a Divine Master was absolutely unique and helped me to build one or another spiritual body. They were sometimes existential stories, other times – ‘cosmic-spiritual romances’, deep mystical experiences and so on. Many of them are described in much greater detail, in my autobiographical book On the Path of Enlightenment and in the book New Heaven, New Earth, New Humankind, which came as a result of the collective journey of our International Spiritual Group.

The Divinely inspired style of life of the participants in the Mystery School of the Spirit results in initiation and co-creation with G-d. It is only through the miracle of co-creation with G-d that we can completely unfold the Divine potential of our Higher Selves. Moreover, co-creation is the way in which we can express the uniqueness of our spirits ‘printed’ in us from the beginning of our evolution. By becoming co-creators with G-d, each Initiate receives a unique mission in the great apocalyptic process of recreation of the world, as mediator between Heaven and Earth, a devoted Divine worker for a new solar civilization and helper in the spiritual rebirth of humankind. Thus, by merging and co-creating with G-d, the Initiates not only write their names in the Book of the Living, but also become Reborn from G-d and Immanent Messiahs for their time!

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Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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