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From Israel Defense Forces to God Defense Forces

Pastor Barack Mandela, who served in the IDF, at Golani Bezeq base near Jenin (From Barack Mandela’s Personal Collection)

While serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), I was focused on serving God with mercy and grace. Being a soldier was more than a national duty, rather it was a sacred duty to God Almighty.

I served in three IDF units: First, I was accepted in Sayeret Golani Special Forces. Second, I served in the IDF Legal Department which is known as the Praklitut. Third, I was a tank driver of the Merkava battle tank. It was by design that I served in three different units. I wanted to experience diverse areas of the IDF.

After serving in the Israeli military, I returned to the United States where I trained in the United States Air Force and served in the United States Army. In 2006, I became a laureate of the National Defense Service Medal from the Pentagon. Therefore, I am an international soldier—a fighter with global expertise.

Once I completed my service in the United States Army, I became founder and senior pastor of The Goldman Sachs Church, which is a non-denominational, spirit-filled, God-centered, born-again church.

As our church began to expand internationally, we launched subsidiaries including—BlackRock Faith, Inc., The Rothschild Prayer Group, Forbes Spirituality Company, and The Bilderberg Faith Group.

I became known as ‘America’s Pastor’ and ‘The Hip Hop Pastor’ and ‘The Pastor of Wall Street’ and ‘America’s Healer’ as I began to teach and preach around the world.

Yet, I still remember the six years I lived in the State of Israel. I have not forgotten studying Judaism in Jewish yeshivot (academies) such as Aish HaTorah Jerusalem, Machon Meir Jerusalem, Ponevizh B’nai Brak, and Slovodka B’nai Brak.

I have not forgotten living at Kibbutz Chafetz Chayim in Southern Israel where I was a guest of the Feldheim family. I have not forgotten befriending fellow IDF soldier, Rabbi Abraham Tau, who is the son of Grand Rabbi Tzvi Tau who was a leading rabbi at Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Although I am now a pastor and minister, I still have strong social and spiritual ties to the Jewish world. My brain is Jewish; however, my heart is filled with born-again grace and mercy.

As I serve God in spirit and in truth, I am fearless in my dedication to the word of God, the Land of Israel, and dedication to spiritual salvation.

I made a long spiritual journey from the Israel Defense Forces to the God Defense Forces. I am now a faithful soldier in the army of God—spreading compassion, grace, mercy, and truth.

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