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From the Sea to the Galilee, Israel Is Already Free!

Judge Khaled Kabub (Right) sworn in as Judge of the Israeli Supreme Court pictured with President Isaac Herzog on May 9, 2022. (Courtesy of the Office of the President of Israel, posted on X)
Judge Khaled Kabub (Right) sworn in as Judge of the Israeli Supreme Court pictured with President Isaac Herzog on May 9, 2022. (Courtesy of the Office of the President of Israel, posted on X)

World governments stand on the brink of a momentous choice. Will they choose to support murder for political gain,  or will they choose democracy?

The supporters of Hamas chant, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free.” This is a pledge to throw the Jews into the sea, as the Arab nations threatened in 1948. It is a call for international jihad and the murder of Jews. It failed then and it will fail now. The only question is: On what side of morality will any particular government find itself, as its place in history? 

I have coined a new phrase as the Jewish response to Hamas supporters’  murderous chant: 

From the Sea to the Galilee, Israel is ALREADY FREE!

What does freedom mean? 

During the Holocaust, a Nazi guard forcing a Jew toward the crematoria in Birkenau, sneered: “So where is your God now?” The Jew answered: “You have imprisoned my body, but my soul is free. If I would have to do this again, I would choose to be me, and not you.”

Freedom means the absolute free will to choose to do good and not evil. It is the courage to choose to act with moral values in the face of evil, and to bring good into the world.

Instead of blindly protesting against so-called “apartheid,” or paying heed to paid Palestinian agitators on university campuses,  I challenge the world’s governments and labor unions to send delegations to Israel to witness first hand the freedom choices of the Israeli government and society. The world’s governments have no moral right to judge or criticize Israel through the eyes of  media bias. Send a diplomatic fact-finding mission to Israel which will find: 

  1. Democracy: Every Israeli citizen over the age of 18, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity, has the right to vote.  Arab-Israelis serve in the Knesset and as judges. In this photo, Muslim Arab Khaled Kabub, is seen at his appointment  to the Israel Supreme Court with Israeli President Isaac Herzog. 

Arab-Israeli political parties, actively participate in Israeli politics and represent their constituents. 

Israeli Arabs, Druze, Bedouins, and Christians, have access to the same public services, education, and healthcare as their Jewish counterparts.

Israel’s Basic Laws safeguard the freedom of speech, and assembly.  

  1. Arab-Israeli Integration:  Arab-Israelis serve in the military, and work in government institutions.  While looking after my son during his Shaarei Tzedek hospitalization as a baby, as well as when I served as the Director of a medical rehabilitation  clinic in Jerusalem,  I personally witnessed Arab and Jewish doctors, nurses and hospital staff working side-by-side to treat Arab and Jewish patients who are offered equal treatment and care in all hospitals and healthcare institutions. 
  2. Joint Commerce: In cities like Haifa and Jaffa, Jewish and Arab entrepreneurs often collaborate in business ventures in industries such as technology, tourism, and agriculture.  
  3. Freedom of Religion: Muslims, Christians, and Druze, have the right to worship, establish religious institutions, and observe their traditions without interference from the state.
  4. Culture: Arabs and Jews attend joint cultural events, like the Haifa International Film Festival. 

Hamas chants for the freedom to murder. It’s proposed new “State” to be established on the land between the “River and the Sea” will not be based on,  nor will it provide the freedom to vote, the freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, or free speech. No Arab country provides these freedoms as they are not democracies. 

We chant for the freedom of democracy. Israel does not need to be “liberated.” Israel is Already Free! 

We await the decision of world governments? Which freedom do you support?  

We invite you to send a delegation to Israel now, so that you can make an informed decision.

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Rabbi Yisroel Roll, JD, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Baltimore, Maryland, specializing in anxiety relief. He conducts international workshops called The Self Confidence Seminar, Overcoming Anxiety, and Building Children’s Self-Esteem. He is the author of 11 books, including Self Esteem in the Talmud and When the Going Gets Tough. He is the founder and Director of JED: Jewish Empowerment & Destiny, an online platform promoting Jewish Unity in response to October 7th and antisemitism.
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