Fun Foods and Decor for Passover With Cindy’s Corners

Coronavirus doesn’t stop Pesach! It might make us change plans, cancel vacation programs and rethink wardrobes.

But…. it’s also a great time to prepare for a fun and memorable holiday. Make it special and intimate… here are some goods perfect for online shopping and supporting Israeli and/or kosher businesses affected by the pandemic.

I just bought “The Pesach Box,” from the Israeli company FamIL. Within a couple of days, the box arrived in New York. As always, I encourage those that oppose BDS to buy Israeli as well.

The Pesach gift box (just like every other FamIL gift box), tells a story.
This story focuses on the rich symbolism of Passover. Each and every item that is included in the gift box of Pesach symbolizes one of the holiday traditions. Let’s start with a colorful Elijah’s cup and its matching saucer, which stands still on the table for the whole seder, quietly and proudly. Then you’ll find a set of 2 “Urchatz” (wash your hands in Hebrew) towels – The second step of the Passover seder. The Matzah Wooden Trivet will remind us the Matzo that we are about to eat for 7 days, starting after the seder.  The Trivet is there to appreciate the food we are eating. Another beautiful item, which I specifically love is the set of 6 Matzah Coasters – for all wine glasses served in the seder. And last but not least, the dessert” of fancy Afikomen Cover – silver and elegant for the Smura Matzo.

Co-owners Tali and Michal hand-picked all of the products from well-known Israeli designers, and focused on modern items yet elegant and classic.

When they create a box, they have two main things in front of our eyes:
1. Every item has to be useful. And a one that our clients will be happy to re-use too.
2. The box must be appreciated by all, as the story of Passover is told from one generation to another.

Macaroon Obsessions

While at home, I challenged myself and told my friends to try a “Chopped” version of Pesach using macaroons.

Macaroons are trendy, most are gluten free and now come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They are also fun to play with according to many kids.

So I made a challenge for myself and suggest it for you too…

Can you use a macaroon in every course during a meal Pesach or year round? I bet you can.

For a soup, cut into small cubes and toast like croutons for a carrot- ginger soup. How about adding crushed chocolate or the new cold brew macaroons to a favorite barbecue sauce and blend it in for a new taste.

Manischewitz Cold Brew Macaroons in two varieties, Coffee and Earl Grey (whaaaat?!), made from real tea and coffee.

For desserts, macaroons can be used to make great pie crusts, used in truffles and as sandwich cookies filled with your favorite jams or spreads.

Photo: Kayco Kedem

Invite Mrs. Maisel to your seder this year with our The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Coconut Macaroons! This limited edition, vintage style canister is taking the stage this Passover. Delicious macaroons packaged in a collectible #MrsMaisel-themed tin—what a delight!
Order now on and be sure to catch episodes of #MrsMaisel on Amazon Prime Video.

Favorite Pesach Recipes: 

Let’s make Passover 5781 a memorable one, and focus on all the positives— simple pleasures and plenty of delicious food and pretty decor.

Cindy Grosz is running for Congress in NY-4.

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Cindy Grosz is the Republican Jewish Candidate for Congress from NY-4. She is an accomplished activist for pro-Israel and Jewish interests. She is a Contributor on The Jersey Joe Radio Show on WOR710AM, syndicated through iHeartRadio. Cindy Grosz is an Advisor on the National Diversity Coalition for Trump 2020. She can be reached at
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