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Funky Sisilia – why everyone goes to Hod Hasharon

Funky Sisilia is a bar-restaurant and entertainment complex in Hod Hasharon with an artistic décor, fun atmosphere, good music and fine alcohol. The food is Mediterranean style with emphasis on small details.

The green façade of the modern building on Ramatayim Street, Hod Hasharon’s main road, only slightly reveals the nature of the new venue that was opened here recently. A cool, artistic space with modern antiques and a back yard with Graffiti that can compete with Berlin. It was named Funky Sisilia – Funky because it is a showcase of the different and odd but in a stylish way and Sisilia after Sisilia Sivan, one of the owners, who was the spirit behind the concept and design of the restaurant.

Funky Sisilia – photo: Tali Sharon

After we explored the restaurant quickly, and made sure we don’t miss a photo op near the Graffiti wall, we picked one of the higher seating options. There are different corners and seating options, including ones near the bar. A well-though soundtrack of fun Greek and Salsa music was playing when we sat there, which was enjoyable and entertaining.

Funky Sisilia – photo: Tali Sharon

We started with drinks. The wine and spirit menu is very wide; I counted more than 75 types of alcoholic beverages, not including wines and cocktails. We had cocktails and a Spanish wine with the food. I can see myself coming here with friends just to have a few drinks, even though there’s plenty of food here.

The food here is local-Mediterranean. The menu is still in trial period and might change a little bit. Vegetarian, vegan options and gluten free (GF) plates are clearly marked in the menu. Prices are moderate.

In the menu one can find dishes such as: mazzetes (NIS 12-18); cauliflower in open fire oven (NIS 44); mix fungi (NIS 58); sweet potato wedges (NIS 42); dream Salad (NIS 58); ceviche (NIS 54); Funky kebab from the canteen (NIS 45) ; grilled chicken thigh (NIS 57);  and more.

Funky Sisilia – photo: Tali Sharon

We had a number of starters and main courses, highlighting kebab. The food was nicely presented, tasty and it showed attention to details. The ingredients were fresh and high quality, with a lot of roasted vegetables including cherry tomatoes, garlic confit, fresh herbs and Jewish salt. While this is not a gourmet chef restaurant, we enjoyed everything we ate and found it to be very tasty.

Funky Sisilia is open every evening from 18:00. There are concept nights with movies, DJ and other ones. A great place to hang out and have a drink, and a good cause to drive to Hod Hasharon if you aren’t lucky to live nearby.

Disclosure: I was a guest of the restaurant


Funky Sisilia, 54 Ramatayim, Hod Hasharon, Not kosher

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