G-d’s Master Plan – LIX (59) – Jewish Terrorist Victims Esther Horgen and Jeff Mintz – A Connection


Readers no doubt are aware by now of the barbaric way the life of Esther Horgen was taken from her family without any warning that this horrific act was about to take place.

In a December 21 TOI story about Esther’s death, the following was written –

Esther Horgen had gone for a run on Sunday afternoon December 20 but never returned, whereupon her husband called the police.

Her body was found at around 2 a.m. December 21 at the Reihan forest in the northern West Bank. Paramedics declared her dead at the scene.

 The Terrorist Killing And Burial Of Jeff Mintz

Esther Horgen’s killing and Jeff Mintz’s burial took place within hours of each other

 Who Was Jeff Mintz And Why Did Most Readers Not Hear About His Barbaric Killing As Well?

Jeff Mintz was killed in a drive by shooting at the St. Paul, MN intersection of University and Snelling Avenues on December 16. I drove there many times when I lived in St. Louis Park. This intersection was considered very safe at that time as were a vast majority of Twin City streets. But now the situation has drastically changed as evidenced by the terrorist attack that took Jeff’s life, as well as the violence, rioting and looting on Twin Cities streets I have written about many times this past few years.

And I feel justified in using the phrase “terrorist attack” because whether this type of killing takes place in St. Paul or Israel, the act of shooting a gun into a car containing defenseless people is plain and simply terrorism.

It just seems unjustified that Jeff Mintz was killed only a few miles away from the sight of George Floyd’s killing. The world still is talking about George Floyd’s death. But the world does not seem to care about Jeff Mintz or Esther Horgen for that matter.

My Attention Was Drawn To Jeff Mintz’s Killing Due To A Number Of Key Facts

I do not intend discussing all these facts now, but rather in later Blogs, because each one deserves to be discussed separately. Therefore, I will devote the remainder of this Blog to the timing of Jeff’s funeral and Esther’s death.

Jeff Mintz’s Memorial And Funeral

Following is the link to Jeff’s obituary announcement-


Following is a link to the actual funeral service which took place in Las Vegas-


Please pay close attention to the One hour eleven-minute mark of the funeral service-

At that moment, Jeff’s mother, who officiated at her son’s service, opened an envelope, and poured its contents on Jeff’s grave. She informed us that this was earth from the land of Israel, and shortly thereafter Jeff’s casket was lowered into his grave.

If the funeral service began at 2pm on December 20 as indicated by the video, then the moment the earth was poured on to Jeff’s grave was around 3:12pm Las Vegas time.

In Israel, that same moment was 1:12am on the morning of December 21 because Israel is 10 hours ahead.

 Repeating the time Esther Horgen’s body was discovered as mentioned above-

Her body was found at around 2 a.m. December 21 at the Reihan forest in the northern West Bank. Paramedics declared her dead at the scene.

Therefore, if my calculation is correct, the body of Esther Horgen was discovered within an hour after earth from Israel was poured on the casket of Jeff Mintz.

What Is The Meaning Of All This?

Could there be a hidden message that links these two events taking place on opposite ends of the earth? Perhaps if we look at a few more facts regarding the untimely deaths of Esther Horgen and Jeff Mintz then we can gain comfort knowing that both of their deaths will mark a new sense of awareness among Jews that-


If their deaths make any progress in this direction, then it can easily be said they both died heroes for the Jewish cause.

To The Family Of Jeff Mintz-


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