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All of us who have been concerned about Israel, will remember the time when the PLO leader fooled the world about being the champion behind PLO efforts to negotiate peace with the Jewish State. All during that time no Israeli was safe as evidenced by the numerous terrorist attacks on our country resulting in numerous Israeli deaths and injuries. And when the PLO was asked to comment, CNN among other TV news channels would turn to PLO spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi who would speak on their behalf.

All I would remember hearing from her was why Israel was to blame for these attacks against her people. The more I listed to her speak, the more angry I became thinking about all those Israelis killed and injured and how their families were suffering because of those suicide terrorist or terrorists responsible for that carnage. Her story was always the same and she never showed any sympathy to the Israeli families whose loved ones were killed or injured in these attacks.

In all those years since then, Ashrawi has never changed her views toward Israel. Clear proof of this took place when the Israeli Prime Minister banned US Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar from entering Israel because Miftah, the organization Ashrawi played a major role in creating, was sponsoring their trip.

Ashrawi Resigns

Senior Palestine Liberation Organization official Hanan Ashrawi announced on Wednesday that she had submitted her resignation from the pan-Palestinian organization.

This news comes at a surprising time given that Joe Biden is only a few weeks away from becoming the US President. It should be quite clear by now that the PA would much prefer to speak to Biden’s administration rather than that of President Trump.

According to widely circulated reports in Arabic-language media, Ashrawi was frustrated by the Palestinian Authority’s recent decision to renew security coordination with Israel after months of disconnect, a decision she allegedly said was made by Abbas alone.

Where Will She Go, What Will She Do?

If Ashrawi has any sense, she will realize the massive change that is taking place throughout the Middle East. Many Arab neighbors have done so and already these Arab countries have seen positive results from the UAE. It appears this is just the beginning of this process with many more potential agreements in the making.

But judging by Ashrawi’s character and past behavior, this might be too much to ask of her.

The Irony Of This Whole Situation

With the US Elections now over, and the Squad back in congress, Tlaib and Omar resumed their anti-Israel comments.

Taking this one step further, it is not out of the question that one day Tlaib and Omar may invite Ashrawi to the US to be a featured speaker.

Her trip ending with a meeting at the White House with President Biden.

It will be a sad day for America if that becomes a reality.

Especially if one of the topics they plan on discussing is “Peace In The Middle East”.

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