G-d’s Master Plan – XLIV – The Most Foolish Thing Joe Biden Said Thursday Night


With Election Day November 3 almost here, it is important that you look at all the evidence before making your final choice for US President. I made it easy for you to watch the final debate by clicking on the link below-


Please consider the following major mistake that Joe Biden said during the debate-

At roughly the 58 minute mark the conversation turned to North Korea and its dictator. President Trump revealed that during a meeting with former President Obama before taking over as president, Obama mentioned North Korea was his biggest problem which could result in a nuclear war. Trump confirmed he has a good relationship with the North Korean leader which has resulted in no war.

Joe Biden was asked to comment and he criticized Trump for legitimizing the North Korean leader. Biden also said he would not meet with the North Korean leader unless he agrees to reduce his nuclear capacity, and that the Korean Peninsula should be a nuclear free zone.

President Trump then responded by saying he had a good relationship with the North Korean leader to which Biden responded at the One Hour And One Minute mark that “this is like saying we had a good relationship with Hitler before he invaded the rest of Europe”.

Is Hitler vs. North Korean Leader A Valid Comparison? Of Course Not!!!

For Biden to compare the North Korean leader to Hitler is very foolish. Hitler had a long-term goal to eliminate every Jew from the face of the earth and while the world was sleeping Hitler destroyed the lives of 6 million Jews by methods which had to be seen to be believed.

It seems President Trump previously chose a very appropriate nickname for the North Korean leader which was “Rocket Man”. I don’t know if Trump has used that name recently, but it’s rockets and not Jews or any other race or religion that Rocket Man is concentrating on. And according to some sources, it seems that he is interested in using these rockets to defend the country and not initiate an attack.

Yaad V’ Shem in Jerusalem as well as similar Holocaust museums throughout the world serve as a reminder of the shocking things the Nazis did to the Jews. It was something that needed many years of planning to result in such a shocking display of what one human being is capable of convincing his followers to accomplish. And it seems Joe Biden needs to be reminded by visiting the US Holocaust Museum of the terrible things Hitler did.

If Biden Is So Concerned That The Korean Peninsula Is A Nuclear Free Zone Then Why Doesn’t He Have The Same Concern For The American Jews That Live In Israel?

The rockets that are fired into our country from Gaza continue to be a threat to every American that lives here. And Joe Biden is not concerned about our welfare or safety because some of his best supporters are The Squad who are more concerned about the Palestinians than the US Citizens they represent in Congress.

Furthermore, the long-term goal of those Palestinians the Squad supports, is for the destruction of Israel. Israel was required to take the bold step of banning two Squad members from our country but Joe does not seem to understand that or if he does, he has no concern for our people.

In The Last Minutes Joe Biden Was Asked What He Would Tell The American People In His Inaugural Address – And His First Answer Was Clearly False

He said “I’m an American President, I represent all of you whether you voted for me or against me”.

As long as Joe Biden continues to support the Squad, who are firm Palestinian supporters, he does not now or at any time in the future represent my family or any Israeli who is an American citizen.

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