G-d’s Master Plan – XLVII – The FOG Points To Cedar Lake Road, St. Louis Park


Here is a video of the FOG on May 10, 2011 taken just off of Cedar Lake Road in St. Louis Park. When I use the term FOG, I do not mean Fog, but FOG as in Finger Of G-d.


Here is another video showing the actual tornado which first touched down in St. Louis Park 12 days later on May 22 from what appears to be the parking lot of the Westwood Shopping Center I visited many times on the corner of Louisiana Ave and Cedar Lake Road.


Therefore, can we conclude from the sequence of these two events, that G-d is giving the residents of St. Louis Park a 12-day warning of what is about to occur? That seems quite amazing but looking at the evidence it is hard to conclude otherwise.

The Minneapolis Talmud Torah 

Talmud Torah enrollment during the baby boom era peaked at 1,200. Between 1993 and 1995, 831 students were enrolled. Coming full circle, in 2003 the school moved into a new addition of the Sabes Jewish Community Center, which had originated as a department of the Talmud Torah. In 2014, most of its students come from families affiliated the three Minneapolis-area Conservative synagogues, Adath Jeshurun, Beth El, and Sharei Chesed.

The current address of the Talmud Torah which moved in 2003 is on Cedar Lake Road very close to the intersection of Interstate 394 and Highway 100. If you refer to my previous Blog and the public information statement from the National Weather Service of the Twin Cities, it confirms that this is where this tornado first touched down.

So, in effect, G-d in his infinite wisdom, replaced the tornado that never took place in the movie “A Serious Man” with the real thing only two years later.

There is still much more to say and Shabbat is fast approaching so I will stop now and continue in my next Blog.

Shabbat Shalom

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