Gaza Ceasefire: Did Netanyahu Make the Right Call?

The latest war in the Gaza Strip has finally ended, or so it would seem.  After nearly a dozen failed ceasefires, all of which were broken by the terrorists in Gaza firing rockets into Israel, this latest cessation of hostilities seems to be holding – much to the dismay of many Israelis, including myself, who wanted Netanyahu’s government to finish off Hamas and the rest of the terrorist bunch in Gaza once and for all.  Immediately after the ceasefire was announced, polls showed that support for Netanyahu, who we Israelis sometimes call “Bibi”, had taken a nosedive (see: Prime Minister’s support plummets as fighting ends).  For those of you who have read my previous blogs regarding Israel’s latest scuffle with terrorists in the Gaza Strip, you know that I favoured military action until every last vestige of terrorism in the coastal enclave was eliminated.

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After hearing about Bibi’s sudden loss of support, I think it’s safe to say that many Israelis thought the same way that I did.  But even though I’m not happy that Netanyahu has allowed Hamas, Islamic Jihad and all the other terrorist scumbags in Gaza to survive, I still trust his judgement because he is the only person who can lead Israel in the current situation.

In Netanyahu I Trust

I’ve always thought of Bibi as Israel’s own Winston Churchill, who also consistently and correctly warned the international community about the clear and present dangers of the time – and who was all too often ignored in very much the same way that leaders in the international community have ignored Netanyahu over the years.  People should know by now that they ignore Bibi at their own peril.  In fact, if we had heeded his warnings, Hamas and company wouldn’t be in control of the Gaza Strip and Israel would not have lost many of its own civilians and soldiers trying to stop them from pelting the country with rockets up until now.  So even though I and many other Israelis may disagree with his decision to end our assault on Gaza’s terrorists, we should nevertheless give him the benefit of the doubt.  I continue to place my trust in Netanyahu and I hope that my fellow Israelis will do so as well.  After all, he’s been right so many times already, so it’s very difficult not to trust in him.

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