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Gentile Walking through a London Hostage Rally

This post was first drafted before the IDF rescued four hostages from Hamas captivity in Gaza. I am as jubilant as Israel and her friends are for the heroic actions of the IDF soldiers who have brought back Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov and Schlomi Ziv. For the people still held hostage in Gaza amidst the war with Hamas I am still holding out hope for them and I wish them a safe return to their families and friends. Bringing them home and defeating Hamas is going to bring this war to an end.

On Sunday 2nd June, I was in London for the latest protest for the release of the hostages from Hamas. I was wearing a yellow ribbon that my Jewish friend Maria got me from Israel. This was the United We Bring Them Home March and was the third protest I had attended. I was committed to defending British Jews and the right of Israel to defend itself. It has been 420 days (counting on 2nd June 2024) that the hostages have been in captivity and I felt compelled to raise awareness and let the world know that Hamas must be defeated. To me, this march was also a declaration of friendship where I let the Jewish world know I am a devoted supporter of Israel.

The march began from Central London’s Lincoln’s Inn Fields in Holborn and as I gathered there I saw a lot of happy, lovely people with banners and flags. It was a very bright day and the warm temperature was matched in the kindred spirits of the people here. It was an honour to be standing up for Israel and her best friends from Jews to Gentiles were here to shout on the streets “Bring Them Home”, and to end this public antisemitism that was infesting London every weekend.

Christian influencer and founder of CAAA Reverend Hayley Eve was there and I spoke to her about my advocacy ideas for Jews. I was amazed to meet this amazing woman who believed in the state of Israel with so much passion and love. She is a very dashing and awesome friend of the Jews. I regaled her and a few other people with autism topics about what the disability community had done to abandon Jewish people but I kept myself ahead of them by telling the Jews how impressed I was by them. 

When we got to the end of the march I listened to some stirring speeches given by the hostage’s families and Lord Polak, the honorary president of the Conservative Friends of Israel. I liked it when they mentioned that Jewish people’s love for life shows how other people thrive with prosperity and dignity. We released yellow balloons into the sky as a sign to let the hostages know that we were all thinking about them. The streets of London look much better with these kinds of people who are shining as bright as a torch of infinite yellow light. 

Talking of which, at first I intended to bring a banner along with me to this march but I left it too late to print it. However, I had a good way of making my voice heard by sharing my stories of how I advocate for the Jewish diaspora in Britain with my social media and blogging work. I took the time to talk to the people as I walked along the road with some of the people in the march. I showed them some of my self-made infographics on Instagram and explained how I as an autistic man am indebted to the Jewish people. Some of them were quite astonished by what I had to say.

I spoke to one woman called Emma who was curious to hear my views on why prejudice against Jews is very common here. I reckoned that this selective empathy towards the Jews can be explained by a concept I created called social eugenics. In the disability community, there is this call that we have to defend ourselves against a more significant genocide that is based on social ideas of dealing with disabled people, whereby they should be killed off by eugenics ideas. Looking at what characteristics we have that make us unfit to live is probably their way of dealing with the problem of disabled people like myself. This parable runs close to woke antisemitic beliefs that the Jews are such a problem to these people that they ought to be culled to “make an equal and healthy society”. I could tell Emma was shocked by some of my views, and it does show something that needs to be resisted to stop an all-out race war in this country.

A Jewish man called Robin who I spoke to about this same story was very glad to see my resistance against eugenics. I made this infographic on Instagram to illustrate my case using some of the offensive banners from the Palestine protests as an example. This kind of perspective is profoundly undeniable that the Jew-haters of today have such vile taste in diversity. Although they are against genocide they have no imagination or inspiration to build a better place for harmonising people together. They have ugly hearts and despicable minds.

Personally, I think the way this march contrasts with the pro-Hamas marches shows how much love and joy there is from Jewish people. As Suella Braverman said the Palestine supporters with their calls for a socialist intifada are hate marches. They spout about resisting genocide but they speak detestable volumes about the social eugenics of what they deem to be “undesirable traits” that include all things Jewish. You can’t fault the Jews for being this indomitable in the face of these vile despicable creatures. They love and support disabled people so much that they give disabled people opportunities to live their right to life in Israeli society.

About the Author
Charlie Keeble is a journalist and author of three books focusing on his autism and the advocacy work he celebrates for his self-determination. He takes inspiration from Zionism to build his autistic advocacy movement such as the Jewish practice of Tikkun Olam, and how Israel is a place of a grand spectrum of creative ideas. Autism and Zionism both believe in bright ideas with infinite imagination around the world. Charlie has ambitions to work in journalism telling the story about how autism makes him stronger and more determined than most people you will ever meet. He is a passionate science geek with a burning ambition to invent something that shows his integrity as a creator. He previously worked as an ambassador for the London Science Museum, and once applied to become an astronaut with the European Space Agency.
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