Edward Stern
Edward Stern


Israeli politics has an element of interests of opposites. For example it may be that the most radical Palestinian in the territories is “licking his chops” in anticipation of a final one state solution promoted by Israel’s settlement bloc. That Palestinian might say something like: Great idea let’s do it. What will you do suppress me for the next fifty  years or give me the right to vote? Let’s see how it ends up for you! It is in my interest for you to fulfill your agenda.  In the same sense of being aware of the “gift ” you are giving to your adversary, leftist  voters who desire to end the tenure of Prime Minister Netanyahu should be aware of casting your vote on the basis of the Palestinian issue. Whatever the virtue of Meretz, a vote  given to them is a vote taken away from the possibility of a center led coalition unseating the present Prime Minister. Like the Israeli who votes for a one state solution to the satisfaction of the radical Palestinian,a vote given by the left on the basis Palestinian issue is the giving of a gift to the present Prime Minster.

Many on the left when viewing Israeli society look at the Palestinian issue as the disease with the present Prime Minister with his policies and attitudes being the symptoms of the disease. For instance the attacks on the Supreme Court by the Prime Minister and his colleagues to a large degree is based on their desire to create a court more sympathetic to their views on Judea and Samaria. Likewise the cultural and press war in Israel again led by the Prime Minister and his colleagues is  to a degree  focused on what ones  view is of the situation in Judea and Sumeria. The question then can be asked by the leftist voter why should I not vote for a party like Meretz  and attempt to get rid of the disease? The answer is two-fold . One there is not a chance in the political environment in Israel today that a government will be formed on a platform that will deal with the issue. Secondly like Parkinson disease which there is at this time no cure, the shaking and health issues stemming from the disease are so severe that the symptoms must be treated for the benefits of the patient.Likewise the shaking and societal  health issues stemming from this government in relation to the country  are so severe that they must be treated even if  at this time the disease cannot be cured. Don’t give away gifts to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

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Born and educated in the United States Edward Stern has spent most of his adult life in Israel with the exception of five years when he lived and worked in China and Korea. He is an English teacher and sometime editor with a life long interest in politics and history. Some people have told him he is also a good photographer.
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