Give Diane Foley Biden’s seat

Joe Biden, our colorful Vice President, has decided to skip the Netanyahu speech in Congress due to occur on March 3 because of travel engagements. More than likely, Denis McDonough, Obama’s Chief of Staff, arranged for Biden to be as far away from PM Netanyahu as distance permits it.

Fox News described it this way.

“Biden’s overseas trip allows the White House to avoid the awkwardness of having the vice president sit behind Netanyahu during the address. It’s unclear where the vice president plans to travel, though his office said the unspecified trip was in the works before the prime minister’s trip was announced. “

Biden is not the end of the story. Fox News also reported that many Democrats may boycott the speech to please Obama whose antipathy for the combative Benjamin Netanyahu has been the most open secret in Washington. From the looks of it, the Chamber on March 3 may resemble the last game of a losing season at FedEx Field.

This is a shame really because I believe Mr. Netanyahu can educate us about the danger of the terror we are facing better than any other leader. Especially when Obama has this annoying habit of mincing his words to describe Islamic terror for what it is.

Such is not acceptable when one considers the number of Americans whose lives have been affected by terror during the reign of Barack Obama. I say fill these seats by inviting the families of the Fort Hood victims, the families of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and the brave Benghazi diplomats who waited in vain for Obama to save them. Fill these seats by inviting the families of David Sotloff, Peter Kassig, and James Foley to attend in lieu of all the silly Democrats following Obama blindly.

I say give Diane Foley Biden’s seat to hear Netanyahu speak. I am certain Mr. Irving, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the US House of Representatives, would be willing to find the rule to permit such an act of courage. In fact, if Joe Biden has one ounce of gallantry in him, he would pick-up the phone and offer his seat to Mrs. Foley. He won’t because Barack Obama won’t like it.

John Boehner’s invitation to PM Netanyahu to address Congress is intended to listen to a second opinion about the prevalence of terror in the region, which affects us directly at home. A second opinion that Barack Obama spends a considerable amount of time muzzling. It is very important to understand why our fallen heroes fell in the first place.

For all those brave American families who suffered from terror, this will be an opportunity to hear from a leader who breaths and lives the atrocities of terror with his people every day. This is why Barack Obama wants Benjamin Netanyahu silenced.

I say every American whose life has been touched by terror during the last seven years should hear Mr. Netanyahu speak. Even if Democrats change their minds, the galleries should be reserved for the heroic families of the fallen.

It is unacceptable for this President to try and keep a lid on the reality of terror because of his own personal ideology the majority of Americans do not agree with.

I say give Diane Foley Biden’s seat.

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