Global Jewish support for Donald Trump

Global Jewish support for Donald Trump. Courtesy.

Globally, Jewish support for Trump is not universal, but it is still very considerable. According to the latest surveys, in Israel- home to the largest Jewish population in the world- Trump’s candidacy is supported by about 70% of Jews. The most astonishing thing about Israeli support for Trump is the fact that about 40% of the Left and a similar proportion of Arabs support Trump. Indeed, both among the Arabs and on the Left in Israel, the number of Trump supporters is very similar to the number of Biden supporters. Further, 60% of the Israeli identifying as centrists support Trump. On the Israeli Right, support for Trump is around 80%.

In strong contrast, in the USA, only 30% of Jews support Trump. These levels, historically speaking, are not exceptional. American Jewish support for the Republican party, in general, remained around these levels for decades. The reasons for this situation are discussed in the community of scholars. Although of interest, they are not my topic here. The more important points are two. First, in this day and age, Trump is more popular with the Israeli leftmost political groups than he is with the American Jews. Second, voting patterns of the American Jews are the exception, not the rule, when seen in the broader Jewish context. Many, perhaps most, Jewish communities in the Diaspora are situated in what can be defined as Centre-Right. Jewish communities of Britain and France, for example, are very well documented in this respect.

Based on these considerations, the global levels of Jewish support of Trump can be estimated as being around 51%. This number is a weighted average of the well-known preferences of the Israeli and American Jews and an assumption that in the rest of the Jewish Diaspora the levels of support for Trump are in-between those observed in Israel and the USA. Today, over 85% of all Jews live either in Israel or in the USA. Only a minority live elsewhere. Given the relatively small size of the latter group and the significant certainty about the political proclivities of the global Jewry, this estimate is rather solid.

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The author is a demographer and a statistician, born in the USSR - a world that no longer exists - and educated in Israel and Britain. The author holds a PhD in Social Statistics and Demography. To date he has served in senior analytical roles in the Central Bureau of Statistics (Israel) and RAND Europe (Cambridge, UK). He is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (London, UK). He has published widely on Jewish , Israeli and European demography and social statistics. The author's favourite topics are demographic and social puzzles involving Jews and people that surround them-why do Jews live so long? why do Muslim Arabs in Israel have so many children? why do women-globally- live longer than men? Is there a link between the classic old-fashioned antisemitism and today's antizionism? These are just a few examples of questions that motivated some of his work and on which he has written extensively.
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