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Global Media: Ally of Iranian Regime Propaganda

The Iranian Regime's Propaganda - Picture: Radio California - Free for all media

The Iranian regime paraded Raisi’s body on a vehicle, boasting about it until he was buried. Nevertheless, the state mourning ceremony, as a propaganda machine, is a kind of business. It was a grand governmental theater and an engineered advertising campaign to show off to supporters. It was a major governmental project and was meant to tell foreigners that there are few opponents and that the regime has legitimacy and popularity, which it does not have.

Unfortunately, the Islamic Republic has also imposed its ideology and propaganda policy on global media. Indeed, even before coming to power in the 1970s, they shamelessly told every lie against the Shah and the global media published it without fact-checking.

The government’s use of these propaganda ceremonies, parading Raisi’s body through the cities of Mashhad, Tabriz, Tehran, and Qom, is a display of victimization. Fundamentally, the essence of these ceremonies and the governing mindset glorifies death.

Currently, inside the country, 400,000 mullahs, 150,000 Revolutionary Guards, and 200,000 mourners and prayer leaders are busy at work. They consistently encourage the Iranian people to mourn. However, the people of Iran are advocates of life.

Unfortunately, global media, in dealing with Iran, are more supporters and fans of the Iranian regime than of the Iranian people. When the people of Iran protest against the autocratic government, the global media are absent or invite members of the Islamic Republic’s lobby abroad for interviews. The global media also get visas for mourning and propaganda ceremonies of the regime and limit themselves to reflecting that. No one is after the truth or reflecting and stating the facts.

The mullahs’ government’s contemptuous treatment of foreign journalists is noteworthy. However, without any fairness, they only report one side of the story and have become a propaganda horn for a regime that always wants to show itself as superior, which is not an art.

Regarding the death of Raisi, all foreign media – without exaggeration – lacked professional reporting. In most global media, nothing of professionalism and freedom of expression was seen because they broadcast the government’s lies. This is deception and shameful. It seems there is a competition of nonsense and lying.

Raisi’s death does not change the domestic and foreign policies of the mullahs’ regime. He was a criminal and vile mullah, and his death only made people happy for 1-2 days. He had no other value in life. When he was alive, he was worthless. When he died, his crimes joined the museum, and people are happy that they no longer see him or hear his screaming-like voice.

However, the government’s routine is to deceive the people, create numbers, hold ceremonies, and engineer public opinion. It wants to say that all of Iran is with it, on the streets, and accompanying it. Everything is a show. In other words, the delusional and hollow regime of Iran also means the suppression organization and propaganda machine – it is an empire of lies. But Western journalists do not want to know the realities of Iranian society and generally do not do professional work.

The popularity and legitimacy of this regime are artificial and counterfeit. The entire government apparatus is always fabricating numbers. The regime is afraid of the truth of numbers and figures; because it knows that it is a paper tiger in society. The thugs ruling the Islamic Republic’s propaganda machine are uneducated, do not understand numbers, and have no relation with mathematics and figures. They manipulate numbers to create legitimacy for the government. This fabrication of statements and display of lies is one of the tools of the Islamic government.

Totalitarian, communist, Islamic, and fascist regimes have such practices, and propaganda is the cornerstone of their power, and they cannot operate without a set of fantasies and delusions and lying. They sell delusion instead of reality and have blind idealism and easily fabricate. Their narratives and ideological frameworks are invalid, and for them, there is nothing called reality. Statistics fabrication is also part of the Khomeinist Islamism phenomenon, they manipulate everything, and they have changed definitions and concepts. Because of this fascist approach – they lack legitimacy and acceptance.

Both the government and foreign media see the Iranian people as inattentive and without an understanding of reality, deaf and blind. Foreign media also pay no attention to these issues, and their behavior is disgusting.

It should be noted that gradually, since 4 decades ago, the process of awakening in our society has begun, the government’s propaganda knife has become duller, and gradually the percentage of dissatisfied people has increased, and society’s fear has been broken.

the Iranian Regime’s Propaganda – Picture: Vahid Salemi – Radio California – Free for all media
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