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Omri Hurwitz
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Go For It

A man named Toni wants to be a professional actor. That is his biggest dream, and he decides to pursue it.

So, he starts with watching videos online on “how to be an actor.” He starts learning a handful of techniques, but he doesn’t feel like he is ready yet to get an agent, let alone go for an audition.

He decides to sign up for this multiple month’s acting seminar, he heard it’s great and the acting teachers are leading experts. The issue is the seminar is expensive, and he needs to get the money. So, he starts working extra hours at the store he is currently employed at.

Finally, when he has the money, he signs up for the seminar. The seminar is very high class, and Toni feels like he is learning a lot and making a bunch of new friends. The only problem is that there are a lot of talented want-to-be actors in the seminar. This makes Toni feel inexperienced and not ready for the profession.

On the final day of the seminar, the leading acting teacher announces that the advanced acting “get ready for a real audition” seminar is about to open soon. And that everyone who is serious about becoming an actor should sign up. Toni is super delighted; this is exactly what he needed. Naturally, he takes an extra job on the weekends to be able to afford the advanced seminar. He is working over 70 hours a week, at two jobs, to be able to attend the seminar.

The advanced seminar is nice, but Toni feels like the teachers are repeating a lot of the study material from the previous seminar. But, you know, as they say, repetition leads to mastery.

In the last week of the seminar, the students get a chance to do “demo” auditions in front of the teachers. In Toni’s audition, one of the teachers says: “You are doing great, but there is something about your diction, it sounds like you need fine-tuning. There is a great seminar starting next week on the subject!”.

Yes, you get the point.

When do you think Toni will do his first professional audition? When will he talk to an agent? When will he feel that he is ready?

Toni has been hijacked. First by his insecurities. Then by society playing on his insecurities. 

Now, let me tell you about a man named Mark who decides to be a professional actor.

Mark starts with watching videos online on “how to be an actor.” He learns some techniques and decides he wants to try out the profession.

He talks to an agent and asks him for a chance. The agent says: “But you didn’t even go to acting school.” So, Mark tells him: “How would I know what is essential to learn in acting school if I have never done an audition?” The agent passes on him. But Mark calls another 50 agents and gets one to give him a chance.

Then he starts going on auditions. He enjoys the experience itself without thinking about the outcome. Even if the casting directors tell him that he needs to get better. This lets him know that he truly wants to be an actor.

Between auditions, he takes specific private acting lessons to prepare for the next upcoming audition. Acting is not a means to an end for Mark, it is the thing itself, the purpose of the acting lessons is to serve the actual work. 

After 60 auditions, Mark gets his first professional acting role. This leads him to another role, which leads to another role, that leads to a remarkable career.

Tony and Mark both wanted to become actors. They both invested a lot of effort doing so. But what did Mark do differently? What separated him from the herd?  

*Mark went straight ahead towards the goal. His mindset was direct.

*He didn’t let insecurities and rejection lead him away from his focus.

*He also did not let society’s reactions to his actions differ him from the path he chose to test out.

*Mark took in the information that he needed at the moment. The only specific information needed to take the next step in his career.

From childhood, we go through a system. Certain educators and social groups try to tell us to talk and walk a certain way. They try to measure us on tests and try to drag us by peer pressure. The ones who let go of that and see the game as it is are the ones who lead and show others they can lead as well. They do it their way.

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Omri Hurwitz is a Tech Marketer and Media Strategist. His client portfolio consists of some of the leading companies and start-ups in Tech. He also has a show where he interviews leading personas from a variety of industries, to talk about the mental and mindful side of his guests and how it helps them in their personal & professional lives.
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