Goal is Reached (1,200)

(Dedicated to my dear readers)

Today is the 18th of November. The number 18 is very well known among Jews. It is equivalent to “chai”, the Hebrew word for “life”. It is a lucky number to be cherished.

On this day I have reached my set goal of six years to write and to publish 1,200 articles, all bound in 24 heavy volumes of at least 4000 pages. My table is creaking from the heavy weight.

So now is the hour when we must say farewell. Perhaps not forever, but for now. If I have renewed strength and energy I may re-appear (if you want me) on special occasions such as holidays and change of political status in our very confused country

Writing for the TIMES OF ISRAEL over the past six years has been one of the most enjoyable pleasures of an old age. My late beloved wife, Rahel, urged me prior to her death to continue writing. She believed it to be good therapy for me to go on living especially after her death.

I suppose it has in fact been good therapy. It gave me a purpose to make each day meaningful. Six years after her death I am still in mourning for her.

One of my daughters told me not to stop at 1,200 articles. “Ima would want you to continue” she said.

But I lack the strength and probably have said all that I wanted to say in the course of the six years.

I am exceedingly grateful to my two very esteemed editors, Miriam Herschlag and Anne Gordon. Without their help many of my articles would not have reached the publishing stage.

We have so many gifted writers on our TOI team, that I feel I pale in comparison to many of them.

Now, instead of writing articles I can sit back and read the many articles which others have written.

Comments from readers, which have been sparse in the past year, have encouraged me to share my thoughts, positive or negative ones, with them.

I am so very tired of the politics in our country and elsewhere. The United States of America is in a shambles with a ridiculous president who cannot accept defeat and extend good wishes to a man who proved better than he to the majority of voters.

In our Israel, we have never before in our brief history as an independent nation experienced such vulgarity and condemnation from the highest level of government as we experience to our shame now.

The prime minister’s imbecilic son Yair is free to publish vile threats and hatred without any suggestion from his father to cease and desist. And the media publishers are to blame for printing his nonsense.

Most recently he compared our kibbutzim, source of the foundation of our country, with Nazi Germany.

I have not read any editorial criticism nor any words for decency from a mother and father who are lacking.

Our Jewish State is defeating its name. A name when Jewish implies love, respect, decency, humility and truth. None of those adjectives can be applied to the monstrous government which now sits in power.

As the protesters continue their well-intended boycott of the “burglars of Balfour” who day by day steal hope and good faith from the nine million citizens of Israel, we see little effect.

The newspapers and the television would be advised to give less attention to the indicted prime minister. He thrives on attention. His hungry ego demands it. Cut him off from it and he will cease to be what and who he is…. An autocrat who resents being labeled our dictator. Which is what he turned out to be.

I wish that I could end on a happier note. I wish I could see a happier citizenry. I wish that there would be work for the un-employed. I wish there would be more food for those whose tummies yearn for it.

And above all, I wish that I could personally thank all my readers across the world who, over the past six years, have given me inspiration and encouragement.

May Almighty God bless all my fellow citizens and may He forever bless and protect our State of Israel.

For now… shalom to all with my hope for a L’hitraot (see you again soon).

Esor Ben-Sorek, Ph.D

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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