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Godwin in Cambridge (II): Like it or Not, Autism is a Pathology!

If your child had diabetes, would you celebrate it?

If your child has sickle-cell anaemia, would you celebrate it?

I’m assuming for the overwhelming majority of you, the answer is ‘no.’

How about autism, though?

Well these days, there really does seem to be something of a double standard on this one!

Previously on Times of Israel, I’ve discussed Simon Baron Cohen’s inflammatory KKK and Nazi references with regards to curing autism. He didn’t mention this with regard to any physical illnesses though, and this is a very revealing symptom of the tedious mainstream Zeitgeist of our age. Normalising and depathologising autism and mental illnesses too, under the banner of ‘Neurodiversity,’ really is all the rage. Partly a metaphor, yes! … But partly a fair representation of the ‘radical’ activists of the ‘autism community;’ those who, needless to say, represent themselves alone, and not the autism demographic as a whole.

The autism demographic may be a complex tapestry of views and sentiments and values and convictions, but the ‘autism community,’ predictable enough, is incredibly rigid, dogmatic and monolithic; in common with other postmodern social justice mobs.

And sad to say, like all remotely serious scholars today, Professor Baron-Cohen is in the unfortunate position of having to appease the social justice mob in question: or the partisans of ‘Alt-Autism,’ if you will, who are a prime incendiary segment of the torrentially pomo-spiralling ‘Alt-Left.’ And yet, how far he can succeed in doing so remains to be seen. In the meantime, one Twitter account claim that SBC has had to reassure others that all disabilities, including autism, should be “celebrated.”

The tweet below is not a direct quote, but it does seem to be representative of the general postmodern, relativistic trend of SBC’s essentially decent, centrist, inclusive, tolerant, middle of the road vision of autism.

For example:

The neurodiversity movement has been a very positive influence in reminding us that there is no single pathway in neurological development, but there are many ways to reach similar end-points.

Professor Simon Baron Cohen endorses Neurodiversity

This utterly horrific and downright terrifying endorsement of neurodiversity, a largely relativistic, subjectivistic and ultimately dehumanising ideology explicitly devoted to the normalisation, depathologisation, detoxification and even outright ‘celebration’ of a serious mental and physical pathology, will come as no surprise to those who have been tracking with concern and steely crouching the ascendancy of the ND religion to crushingly hegemonic status. Organised autism and mainstream discourse in media, politics and academia now have an utter strangehold, and the iron grip of neurodiversity and its fashionable stablemate, the social model of disability, is no less strong than that which Lord Sauron used to hold over so much of Middle Earth.

However, it is impossible to avoid the truth any longer: the indiscriminately inclusive and tolerant core assumptions of neurodiversity (no one anatomy, physiology or expression of these in behaviour is better or worse than another) or the social model of disability (people are not disabled by biology or nature, but by mainstream society), often mask an unspeakably cold-hearted, callous dismissal of the experiences of anyone whose life does not align with the Pollyannaish turd-polishing of the self-styled, self-appointed ‘autistic community.’

It really is rather sad that Professor Baron-Cohen has ended up capitulating (whether he realises it or not!) to the aggressive agitation and bourgeois identity-hustling of the militant autism lobby. How far this is due to ignorance, how far due to intellectual limitations of some kind, how far due to sentimental cognitive biases, or any other reason, is obviously difficult to say. But as far as the oft-mooted ‘mind-blindness’ of autistic people is concerned, all human beings are limited in their understanding of others; hard as it may be for us all to believe! So perhaps one day, all those who celebrate autism or any other debilitating disease will take the courage to shed their own mind-blindedness…

And to understand the bodies, souls and spirits of those of us who regard autism as something to be mourned, and not to be revelled in, nor even legitimised and normalised to the slightest, most infinitesimal degree.

If I were by any chance a Hindu, I would be invoking the Kali Yuga today: the dark age when enlightenment is scattered and scarce like the Kabbalah’s seeds of light! But as a good Orthodox son of the Church (or a not so good one, pick yer poison!) and a staunch believer in the God of miracles, I will say that I do agree wholeheartedly with God’s people in Israel and in the diaspora. For it is indeed an eternal truth that God has reserved to him a righteous 7000’s remnant that shall not perish from the earth, until that all that is written in the Book has come to be fulfilled.

Now let us all not by any means give up our sacred hope that the darkness, after all that has been and all that shall ever come to be, is only for a season.

Where wast thou when I laid up the foundations of the earth ? Tell me if thou hast understanding.

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Jonathan Ferguson is an honorary Yorkshireman, originally from Northern Ireland. Unfortunately however, it is utterly impossible (or at least something of a thankless task!) to note the slightest trace of Swiftian bantz and blarney in his scrupulously highminded and middle of the road prose style. He is also a Chinese graduate of the University of Leeds (BA, MA) and King's College London (PhD). On a deeper level, he is a curious mind and a recovering cynic; or to put it another way, an Orthodox Christian. His work is focused on religiophobia and the coming Age and World of post-secular pluralism and universalism. If you like (or love, or even absolutely HATE!) his work, then by all means do feel free comment on his work, or write to him in the personal comment box on his Times of Israel profile... Or alternatively, in the very worst, ne plus ultra cases of radical fanfatuation, just click "HERE" to become a Patron!
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