Going astray

from the world to your world then beyond all worlds

The unquestioning consciousness does not go astray because it is afraid to ask questions, all it knows is to obey and follow only known and visible answers. Because what matters to this type of mentality is not finding or getting lost, but being on the road. Whereas search is not about finding answers but living with questions.

Therefore, searching is not just a mere freedom about crossing borders or breaking chains. It is a state of being placeless beyond what is seen and known. It is not about ending up in a certain point where you ultimately reached but a place where you have not arrived yet.
Again searching is not only about following different paths but knocking yourself off course. That’s why search is not solely state of finding what you lost but a state of being lost in order to be found.
About the Author
Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Gurkan is an Oxford BA (Hons) graduated and pursuing a double master's in International Political Economy at Warwick & Strategic Studies at NTU in Singapore. He is also a published poet.
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