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Gold Star Dad Unintentionally Reveals President Biden’s Dementia

Mark Schmitz, father of Marine Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz, spoke before the US Foreign Affairs Committee about the death of his son from a bomb blast on August 26, 2021 when the United States decided to evacuate Afghanistan and the Kabul airport.* It was an emotional sharing of his heartbreak at the loss of his son and the total lack of respect or concern for the grieving families… from President Joe Biden who initiated the decision which resulted in the death of 13 US service members. No one has been held accountable for these deaths. The “Gold Star” families are livid.

Mr. Schmitz was furious that President Biden had no idea of the names of those who were killed on that day. He lambasted the President for constantly checking his watch, over and over, in Dover, while the lifeless bodies were being off-loaded from the airplane returning their caskets to the bereaved families.

While it seems apparent that a person constantly checking their watch is an indication of their boredom or concern that the must be on time for the next appointment… Biden’s situation is quite different. It is essential for the public to understand this behavior, and what it indicates.

On October 29, 2020, I wrote and published an article titled “An Open Letter to Mrs. Biden,” asking her to consider the future ramifications of her husband’s apparent cognition impairment, on the United States, should he be elected the next President. There were many who thought that it was a politically motivated assault on the couple who actually did take residency in the White House. It was not. It was a letter written from my own personal understanding of the signs of dementia. The world has now seen how many times President Biden has forgotten what city or state he was speaking in… his blunders have become so commonplace that the bulk of the media pays little attention to them when they occur. He often does not know how to exit a stage or speaking venue.

Two points made by Mark Schmitz further reinforce my assessment about Mr. Biden’s mental abilities at present. First and foremost is the complaint that President Biden kept looking at his watch during a totally inappropriate moment on the tarmac. He did this, not because he intended to be rude… but because he did not remember having done it seconds or minutes before, and thus for him…it was the first time he had checked the time. Dementia sufferers spent massive amounts of time looking at their watches, their clocks, asking others the time. Trying to get a grasp on “time” is very difficult for them. I know this from my own observations of my husband’s decline and wrote about it often on my website: . If you are interested in learning more about the indicators which reveal that cognitive decline is real… please take time to look at the website and its index of topics to direct your reading.

The further complaint that Biden did not know the names of those who had been killed in Kabul from the bomb blast…that he had never uttered the name of Jared Schmitz, makes complete sense for a person with cognitive decline. That would be a task which could only accomplished with a script in Biden’s hands…from which he could still be capable of reading and performing, quite well.

The accusation from Mark Schmitz that President Biden has more blood on his hands than any previous American President, may not be true. Other presidents have taken Americans into wars where countless lives were lost, many unnecessarily. However, the idea that anyone with dementia is actually making any decisions which could result in the loss of lives, is the larger issue to be considered. It is no longer possible for Biden to be the “front man” for those in the Democratic party who guide him, manipulate him and /or set his agenda. He is no longer capable of even the minimum required to bluff his way through public events and hosting international leaders.

It is critical that all involved in the career of President Biden, encourage him to step aside and allow others to run from the Democratic party for President of the United States. Were he to actually run for office and be elected, the next four years would be a catastrophe for the United States in the international arena. The American news media thus far have been largely willing to give Biden a “pass” when he makes blunder after blunder. But the rest of the world media is nowhere near as kind. They are watching and will afford neither Biden or the United States such generosity.

Dementia is a very real condition affecting more than 50 million people world-wide. By extension it affects more than 250 million family members of those patients. When a world leader has both power and dementia at the same time… it affects us all.

*To listen to Mr. Schmitz’s testimony before the U.S. Foreign Affairs committee, go to:

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