Helen Joyce

Good Morning Hamas

It’s OK not to like us. Hate us if you wish. We do not need your affection. It’s OK to hate the State of Israel and believe that its creation was unfair on the Arab population who lived there at the time, who felt compelled to leave at the instigation of the surrounding Arab states or who were expelled from their homes during the War of Independence.

It’s OK to kick yourselves that the Arab leadership at the time refused to accept the UNSCOP commission’s recommendation in 1947 to divide British Mandate Palestine into two separate States – one for the Jews and one for the Palestinians. The rejection of that proposal then denied you a very generous two state solution. The Jews accepted the suggestion but the Arabs did not.

It’s OK to resent the fact that the combined attack by five Arab armies to strangle the nascent State of Israel in its War of Independence failed. It’s OK to mourn the fact that around 700,000 Palestinians were rendered refugees as a result of these failures and it’s even OK for you to ignore the 700,000 Jews who were thrown out of the surrounding Arab countries and similarly rendered homeless.

It’s OK to regret that surrounding Arab countries failed to absorb your refugees and help them to create new lives as productive citizens of the countries in which they found themselves, preferring instead to keep them like an open festering sore in the refugee camps which have by now been perpetuated for three or more generations. And it’s OK to envy how Israel turned their newly arrived Jewish refugees from Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Yemen and wider afield into the backbone of the now flourishing Israeli population and State.

It’s OK that you resent every subsequent failure to eradicate the Jewish State by means of the wars which were inflicted on us and that every offer of a peaceful settlement of the Palestinian problem was rejected for one reason and one reason only: never wanting two states but desiring just one ‘from the river to the sea’. The dream of a 23rd Arab sovereign state which, like the rest, will cleanse its population of Jews.

So, what’s not OK? It’s not OK to terrorise anyone: to kill, maim and behead infants. It’s not OK to take captives of all ages – even babies and young children orphaned by your crazed gunmen. These are not ‘prisoners of war’. They are hostages. It is not OK to brutalise your own children. It is child abuse to raise them with hate in their hearts and toy, plastic Kalashnikovs in their kindergarten shows singing about their dreams to become martyrs for your perverse cause.

It’s not OK to hold your own people hostage to your murderous terrorist ideology. To forcibly prevent them leaving the warzone you have created, so that their deaths become your media victory. It’s not OK to place your military assets in and under hospitals, schools and mosques while you shelter in luxury hotels in Qatar or the safety of the terror tunnels. It’s not OK to call for our destruction – that is called genocide. None of it is OK.

I get it. You hate us. You hate our love of education, humanity and life. You hate our flourishing, diverse, successful society. You hate our economic, technological and military superiority. You hate the idea of our requirement that every new home must have a reinforced ‘safe room’ in which to shelter our civilians in case of attack. Given the interview with Russia Today TV in which your representative Musa Abu Marzouk explained that the tunnels you have built are there to shelter your fighters, but the civilians in Gaza – which you control – are the responsibility of the United Nations, that must be totally incomprehensible.

I suppose that to you the idea of building schools, hospitals and shelters with the billions of aid dollars donated precisely to reconstruct Gaza after the last storm of hell you rained down on your benighted population, must seem like a waste of money. So, you misappropriate funds, fuel and aid for the ‘better’ purpose of building and maintaining your attack tunnels and infrastructure.

So, now you know, you are not OK. Just one more thing you should know. Israel will win this latest war as it has won all its previous wars. God willing. And it seems He is.

About the Author
Helen is the author of award-winning Good for a Single Journey, a four generational family saga based on a true story, published by Amsterdam Publishers in 2023. Born in London to Jewish refugees from Hitler, Helen studied Psychology at University College London and went on to specialise in clinical research and relationship counselling. She taught Psychology in Immanuel College, Bushey where she was Head of Sixth Form (Grades 12 and 13). Helen retired to Israel in 2013.
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