Future depends on whether US and Iran can compromise

The military leadership and the intelligence community in Israel have been more cautious than gung-ho politicians over the withdrawal from the Iran agreement.

Yet popular feeling in Israel has always been antagonistic to the agreement which separated nuclear weapons from conventional ones.

While there were often daily inspections of nuclear facilities and a built-in delay in acquiring the bomb, the agreement did little to stop Iran’s march through Iraq and Syria to the border of Israel. Trump’s action may be a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

A modified agreement which the Europeans are working towards will attempt to add in restrictions on conventional arms and curb the zealotry of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

While there is a window of opportunity before the White House brings in sanctions, the future depends on whether the Americans and the Iranians can formulate a compromise.

About the Author
Colin Shindler is Emeritus Professor of Israel Studies at SOAS University
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