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Gov. Cuomo’s Twisted View of “Responsibility”.

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I’m not taking part in US politics, so this is an Israeli-outsider’s point of view.
The journalist in the video is spot-on and I wish she would have performed with more confidence.

To the incredible imbecility Gov. Cuomo demonstrates I would like to say:

The people of the world or the American people aren’t responsible for your potential death. On the contrary, you’re responsible for theirs. The shut down of the world economy will put more blood on the hands of the leaders of the world (with you among them), than this pandemic at its worst scenario.

You are talking about setting the world’s population in third world countries back to hunger and diseases, and second world countries to regression in education and development. All of this leads to starvation, more plagues, wars, and violent political conflicts, claiming the lives of countless innocent people. People you can’t see, who seem to be transparent to you, people you don’t seem to be concerned about.

On an identity politics note (which I despise, but sure, let’s play your game for this one) I’d dare to say this is a racist point of view you are taking, since it seems you’re putting Americans first without considering your responsibilities to the rest of the world’s population. I honestly would, if this policy of yours wasn’t hurting the American people directly just as well.

Domestic violence, crime, hate, suicide rate, and public’s health deterioration set aside, with a rise in violent conflicts worldwide, America will be targeted more than ever. The US citizens and soldiers will pay in blood for unnecessary wars and terror attacks. Trust us over here in the Mid-East, we know. We’ve been on the front lines of this mess for years. We know what it’s like to live when the other side hates you and got nothing to lose.

So whether you care about America first, or whether you care about the citizens of the world without differences, wake up and smell the face mask. No one is responsible for your life. You’re the governor of the state operating The World’s Trade Center for crying out loud. The entire world relies on you, not just your next-door neighbor. There are never perfect choices in life, only better choices and that’s when you’re in a real sweet spot. So open the lockdown, because you’re condemning the lives of your own people and of people around the world.

You said that financial difficulty isn’t worse than death – you couldn’t be more wrong. The financial crash you’re leading will kill more people than COVID, guaranteed. So let us all go back to our lives under new reasonable precautions and grow the hell up. No one is responsible for you but you, and if you didn’t learn this by now, we’re all up for some serious troubles.

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