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Government-sanctioned child abuse

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We have already discussed the unconscionable abuse of children by teachers and librarians who expose them to all forms of sexuality, even to pornography, and push transgendering by exploiting the suggestibility of children, starting at the age of 5, with the aid of numerous physicians. Furthermore, they (or their unions) strenuously object to legislation such as passed in Florida that restricts any discussion of sexuality until at least fourth grade, and then at an age-appropriate level. (The Biden administration also opposes state laws against giving puberty blockers to children.) I suspect that the reason that so many school districts, principals and teachers have the policy of withholding from parents any information about children’s uncertainty about gender identity, about using pronouns at school that differ from those used at home, and about discussion of hormone replacement or gender reassignment surgery, is that deep down they know what they’re doing is improper, and don’t want parents to know. My Bubbe a”h once said that nothing is so bad that something good doesn’t come from it. Regarding COVID-19, for all the suffering it has caused, the one positive is that when schools were closed and switched to distance learning, parents saw for the first time the offensive curriculum that was being forced on their students.

The curriculum isn’t the only problem with the schools. Lowering standards is becoming commonplace: homework doesn’t count, participation doesn’t count, multiple test retakes are allowed. Standard English grammar is increasingly becoming optional. Furthermore, many accelerated/AP/Honors courses are being dropped because the racial composition of the classes doesn’t fit the quota system being imposed to implement “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” In other words, instead of working harder to bring struggling students up to grade level, schools are aiming to bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator. Excellence is frowned upon. Apparently the consequences for society aren’t considered.

The private sector has also joined the “woke” movement. In particular, the Disney Company, spurred by its own LGBTQ+ executives, has promised to introduce more gay, bisexual, and transgendered characters and issues into its children’s programming, all the way down to the lower grades, and criticized the Florida law. In return, Florida Governor DeSantis revoked a special tax district that conferred special privileges on Disney.

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Besides the gender identity emphasis, Christine Flowers observes that Disney has also edited its Kids Profile section on its website so that children under 7 will be forbidden from watching “Dumbo,” “Peter Pan,” “Swiss Family Robinson” and the “The Aristocats.” Settings on the app now prevent the movies from even showing up on the young viewers’ profiles. Why? Each of these features is accused of racism: “Dumbo” because the singing crows recall racist minstrel shows and their leader is named “Jim Crow”; “Peter Pan” for stereotypical depiction of Native Americans; the “Swiss Family Robinson” for negative portrayal of foreigners; and “The Aristocats” because the Siamese cat has “’stereotypical traits’ such as ‘slanted eyes’ and ‘buck teeth’… sings in poorly accented English voiced by a white actor and plays the piano with chopsticks.” Moreover, the company advocates that parents talk about race to very young children, because “[a] graphic claims that babies show the first signs of racism at three months old, and that white children become ‘strongly biased in favor whiteness’ by age four.”

Disney isn’t the only corporation pushing gender identity on young children. Elizabeth Troutman has reported that “Pizza Hut is exposing children as young as pre-kindergartners to LGBT-themed literature as part of its annual summer reading program….Pizza Hut joins several other corporations who have peddled leftwing ideology about sexual orientation and gender identity as children’s entertainment. State Farm had planned to distribute LGBT-themed books to children through community centers, libraries, and school teachers until a whistleblower’s efforts in May forced them to reverse course. Investigative journalist Chris Rufo revealed in April that Disney has been ‘adding queerness’ to children’s programs. And children’s cartoon Blue’s Clues featured a song for Pride Month sung by a cartoon drag queen, celebrating families with gay, lesbian, transgender, and nonbinary members.”

If all these offenses weren’t enough, perhaps the worst of all is the change in PBS’ children’s programming. As compiled by Dan Cirucci, the lineup includes:

  • Real Boy is the coming-of-age story of a transgendered teenager with musical ambitions. Identity politics also appears in shows such as Prideland, Racism Unveiled, and America Reframed.
  • The promotion of gender dysphoria and transgender sex changes are pushed on teens in shows like To the Future, with Love, a cartoon about a transgender child seeking affirmation.
  • The PBS Kids cartoon Arthur featured episodes with a discussion of George Floyd and racism.
  • Sesame Street aired an anti-racism special and added two new puppets to address “police brutality.”

Nearly $500 million of taxpayers’ money goes to public broadcasting, including over 300 PBS stations.

Each of these examples, whether public education, corporate propaganda, or taxpayer-funded TV shows, constitutes child abuse in my humble opinion. Children should be allowed to retain their innocence as long as it is practical, regardless of what organized pressure groups want. In the current climate, we can’t expect government to protect children (except for Child Protective Services being called to take children away from parents who object to transgendering), so it’s up to parents to fight the woke epidemic. Not being a child psychologist, the best I can do is to offer some suggestions for consideration:

  • Withdraw children from public schools (unless they hold to traditional instruction) and find an alternative: charter schools, private schools, religious schools, or home schooling. The latter isn’t as difficult as one might imagine, as there are curricula available online, and parents have organized groups to divide up the subject matter, or even to hire a retired teacher part-time to help. The one drawback is that parents may need to change work schedules or even jobs so someone can be home. I read a comment to an article recently (can’t remember where) by a parent who gave up a six-figure executive position for a less remunerative job with greater time flexibility to home-school and is delighted with how the children turned out, even if both spouses had to “downsize” from new cars every two years to eight- or nine-year-old cars that are fully paid for. All these options depend on school choice, which is worth supporting.
  • Regarding corporate misbehavior, first, publicize it as widely as possible, given the Big Tech control over the media. Corporations are image-conscious, insofar as it affects the bottom line. In that regard, we should be selective about where we spend our money. There are other theme parks beside Disneyland and Disney World, other movie and TV content providers beside the Disney Channel, other fast-food providers beside Pizza Hut, other insurers beside State Farm, and so on.
  • As for PBS, it should have been defunded long ago; likewise for NPR. If their programming were strictly cultural, rather than overtly political, that would be fine. To ask the general public to pay taxes to support Leftist programming that appeals to the affluent elite, however, is unfair. Let those who benefit do crowdfunding with their own money for a change.

In conclusion,  the time is late,

The challenge is great.

Our children’s future is at stake.

As President John Adams wrote to the Massachusetts Militia in 1798,

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

If our morality and religion disappear, our Constitutional government is sure to follow.

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