Grant the terrorists their wish

It was a bittersweet holiday of Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles) for the Jewish people, when it should have been nothing but joyous.  In Israel, our brethren, our loved ones – and they need not be related to be our loved ones, have been enduring one terrorist attack after another as they endeavor to live their lives as normal human beings.

What has been happening has not just been the usual rock and block and firebomb hurling at cars and homes – terrorism that is bad enough, but shootings and stabbings. Outright murder and attempted murder of innocent men, women and children, even babies.  And why?  Because the targets are Jews.  Jews driving to see family and friends.  Jews taking a walk with their infants in strollers.  Jews going to pray.

Eitam Henkin, an American as well as an Israeli, along with his wife, Naama, were shot and killed a few days ago in front of their four young sons including a four-month old as they were driving to a holiday religious party.  Apparently, the only reason the children were not also killed was because one terrorist, as stupid thankfully as he was brutal, shot his partner by accident and wanted to get him to the hospital as quickly as possible.

The next day, also on Sukkot, a terrorist stabbed Aaron Banita to death while attempting to do the same to his wife and two-year old, wounding both, as they were walking along in Jerusalem’s Old City.  Another Israeli, Nehemiah Lavi, was stabbed and killed as he tried to stop the attack.

Arab onlookers spat on Aaron’s wife, Adele, and even slapped her, as she stumbled away from the scene, bleeding, with the knife still in her, pleading for anyone to help.  After the cowardly murders, Palestinians celebrated much as they did after 3,000 Americans were killed on 9/11 – with fireworks, flag waving and the handing out of sweets.  And later, a 15-year old Israeli was stabbed by a terrorist.  Fortunately, he survived his wounds.

Let there be no doubt or question, not even for a moment.  This is not about the “occupation.”  Israel left every inch of Gaza, yet Hamas and others in that cesspool plot every day to destroy every Jew in Israel.  This is about Arabs who want to kill people simply because of their religion.

And it’s nothing new.  This desire to destroy Jewish life was not invented by today’s Islamic terrorists.  The people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have endured this senseless hatred from time immemorial.  If there were no Israel heaven forbid, there would still be plenty of Jew-haters all over the world who would never be satisfied until there were no Jews left on the face of the earth.  And now, with Israel in existence, how dare the once weak and defenseless Jews actually have their own country, and a strong one at that?

It has always been open season on Israelis, but the latest killing has been incited by corrupt Palestinian Authority leadership which continues to lie about the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and everything else when it comes to Israel, Islamic terrorists in Gaza and within the Palestinian Authority, a wink and a nod by European and other leaders who openly despise Israel, and a slow-to-react Israeli government.

It has also been egged on by a leftist world media which, with all the butchery going on outside Israel, has such an obsessive contempt for the Jewish State, it seems there are ten times more foreign journalists and cameramen present at staged stone throwing protests and riots then the stone throwers and rioters themselves.

And regrettably, and very sadly and disappointingly, it doesn’t help that the most hostile-to-Israel United States president in history, by his words, actions and inactions, culminating in the recent P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, has made it abundantly clear to the worst of the worst in the Islamic world that Israel is more isolated than ever.

Now I know some of my pro-Obama friends will be quick to point out the security and military cooperation between the US and Israel, arrangements which would happen anyway under any president really – and the partnership is important and greatly appreciated.  But all the Iron Dome missiles in the world could never stack up against one Iranian nuclear weapon or dirty bomb.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, under fire for not doing enough to protect Israeli citizens knows he walks a tightrope between cracking down aggressively and severely against the terrorists as he should, while trying not to get a phone call from US Secretary of State John Kerry condemning his tactics and telling him to back off.

A few weeks ago, after Arabs rioted on the Temple Mount, the US State Department once again ridiculously threading their even-handed needle, called on all sides to show restraint.  But it was the Arabs who started the riots, even building and storing pipe bombs, along with piles of rocks in the Al Aqsa mosque so they could use them to maim Jews visiting the mount.

The Jews, along with Christians and others, are and have been allowed to visit for years, but increasingly they have been harassed and assaulted as all they did was walk around the holiest place on earth for the Jewish people.  And who knows?  Perhaps the weapons in the mosque were going to be used on Jewish worshipers at the Western Wall plaza below.  Arabs have thrown rocks at Western Wall worshipers in the past from the mount above.

Anyone who can think clearly must wonder, if the site is so damn holy to the rioting Muslims, why do they have such disrespect for it by using it in such a despicable way?  It is because hurting and killing Jews is much more important to them than respecting the place where they believe their prophet ascended to heaven.  Nice.

There is a war going on in Israel, maybe not the kind we saw in the summer of 2014, but a war nonetheless.  And in a war, you must kill the enemy before the enemy kills you.  As harsh as it sounds, it is as simple as that.  The war Israel fights is against Islamic terrorism.  It is a war for which the passive and biased civilized world has been paying a price, not just in lives lost, but in the ongoing refugee crisis mostly caused by inaction against Syria’s dictator.

Benjamin Netanyahu understands Islamic terror; he and the Israeli people have no choice but to recognize that on a 24/7 basis they face one of the worst scourges ever to afflict mankind.  It is a complete mystery I think, as to whether Barack Obama gets it.  Even the feckless Jimmy Carter figured things out after a couple years of having more hope than brains.  Obama (after nearly seven years) and Kerry still think “Kumbaya” diplomacy along with withdrawal and disinterest are the best ways to combat whatever Obama calls what has been happening.  Hell, he still refuses to say, “Islamic terror.”

The Israeli victims contributed to their society and country in the most positive of ways.  They were educators and business people beloved by all who knew them.  The emboldened cowards who murdered them, and those who wait in the wings to follow them, contribute only to death and destruction, believing “paradise” awaits the one who is killed for thrusting a knife into a toddler’s body, or for killing a father and mother as their children watch.

Yes, there is a war on, not started by Israel contrary to what the international press would have gullible readers believe, and as I write this, the attacks and attempted murders continue.  But Israel, the Jewish State, is not going anywhere and neither are its people.  Jews no longer run, they face their enemies with heads held high, and they fight back.

Palestinian Islamic Jihadist terrorist barbarians make it no secret that they don’t choose life, they choose death.  They don’t celebrate life, they celebrate death.  They don’t love life, they love death.  They don’t want life, they actually want death, and I mean they really, really want to die.  Without them God forbid taking another innocent’s life, I say grant them their wish.  And the sooner, the better.

About the Author
Shia Altman who hails from Baltimore, MD, now lives in Los Angeles. His Jewish studies, aerospace, and business and marketing background includes a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. When not dabbling in Internet Marketing, Shia tutors Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and Judaic and Biblical Studies to both young and old.
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