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Great day tours to go on while in Israel

photo credit: Andrea Karshan
photo credit: Andrea Karshan

I went on a bunch of really great day tours during my trip to Israel. And I wanted to share them with you because I felt like they could really help make your trip to Israel special. These day tours were interesting, informative and inspiring. And they really helped me learn about Israel, its history and its people.

Holy City Tour Jerusalem – This tour is done by Abraham Tours. It includes the different quaters in the Old City and the Western Wall and the Temple Mount (Al Aqsa Compound). The great thing about this tour is that it gives you an opportunity to go to the Temple Mount with the help of a tour guide which is extremely helpful when you are going to that site. This tour leaves from Jerusalem. cost- $37

Gaza Border Reality Border Tour from Jerusalem – This tour is done by Abraham Tours. The tour guide that leads this tour is Eliyahu McLean. He is an amazing tour guide. He is a Jewish Israeli. And then there is a Muslim Palestinian Israeli-Arab driver that gives a lot of great information during the tour. This tour is amazing. It takes you to the Erez Crossing to meet Gazan workers. It also takes you to the Gaza border towns to meet Israeli Jews and learn how their lives are there. And you will see Gaza from the border. This tour leaves from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. cost- $115

Hebron Dual Narrative Tour – This tour is done by Abraham Tours. This tour was created by and is partly led by Eliyahu McLean and also led on the Palestinian side by Visit Hebron. On this tour you will visit Jewish Hebron and you will also visit Palestinian Hebron H1 H2 under Israeli and Palestinian control. This tour leaves from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. cost- $115

Caesarea, Haifa, and Akko Tour – This tour is done by Tourist Israel. This tour goes to the historical sites in Caesarea. And spends very little time in Haifa only going to the Bahai Gardens. You also go to the Old City in Akko which is the Palestinian Muslim area. And you will go to a hummus restaurant there and see the locals. There is also a museum there you will see. The tour guide is an Israeli Jew. The tour bus driver is a Palestinian Muslim. Both give lots of good info for the tour. This tour leaves from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. cost- $99

Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea and More Tour– This tour is done by Tourist Israel. It goes to historical Masada, nature reserve Ein Gedi and the beach of Dead Sea. This tour leaves from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. cost- $69

Jaffa Free Tour– This tour is done in Jaffa. It’s a really nice walking tour of the area that shows you some really cool stuff there. It leaves from Jaffa (Tel Aviv). cost- they ask you give a tip to the tour guide at the end

The Great Bridge Tour – This is a tunnel tour by the Western Wall. This is one that I went on. But they have different tunnel tours there. But this is their newest one. Makes sure to choose English if you speak English or Hebrew if you want the tour in Hebrew. If you want to stand on ground that is 2,000 years old this is the tour for you. You will see the history of Jerusalem dating back thousands of years. This tour leaves from the Western Wall in Jerusalem. cost- 38 shekels approximately $10

Hebron Fund Tour of Jewish Hebron – This tour is done by the Hebron Fund. This tour is only of Jewish Hebron. You will not go into the Palestinian areas. There will be a lot of Jewish information on this tour. It is led by a Rabbi. The tour leaves from Jerusalem. cost- $50 for tour plus $50 donation to Hebron fund

Yad Vashem– This isn’t a tour. But it’s a must see in Israel. And yes, they have guided tours through this Holocaust museum. But you don’t need to do the paid guided tour. You don’t even need the audio guide. I had the audio guide and I didn’t even use it. There is so much video and so much to read throughout this museum you will have plenty of info to take in. And admission is FREE. But everyone should go visit here. This museum is located in Jerusalem. Cost is free.

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