Greece, Israel, totalitarian vaccination policy

Greece and Israel just signed a “deal” to be probably enacted as early as late March 2021 to ONLY allow passengers who are vaccinated against a new or not so new virus – SARS-CoV-2 – to travel via aircraft with no restrictions.

Read: people who for medical, philosophical or political reasons are not vaccinated against a flu-like illness are no longer allowed to travel abroad without taking the risk of been immediately imprisoned in a quarantine-like hotel. Imagine! If you are 23 or 51 or 67 and want to travel to Greece, and you are not sick at all, irrational politicians and the border police will treat you as if you were an infectious monster. Imagine! That is what happens ever since March 2020. And such “deals” will make this the “new normal” of the anti-democratic monster Angela Merkel.

Some 66 percent of American nurses and elderly home staff in Florida reject to be vaccinated. They know that most of them are not threatened by that virus and they know that the vaccination is not done properly, as a real vaccine takes several years to be developed. Even if that percentage drops to 10 percent (as the linked article predicts), still, these 10 percent of people, perhaps some Israeli among them, would never ever be allowed to again travel freely to the Jewish state, at least not to Israel and then to relatives or friends in Greece.

The core aspect, though, is the following: A democracy may never ever allow a political tool like a politically motivated vaccination to be implemented for restrictions of the freedoms of the people. Vaccination against a flu-like virus is a political tool, not a medical tool. Every individual can say yes or no to vaccination, of course. But it may never ever be mandatory to have the usual freedoms to travel wherever we want to go.

There will never ever be 100 percent of vaccinated people, regardless if we talk about Corona or Influenza (kids and young people are truly threatened by Influenza, not by Corona) or any other virus or disease. Never ever will there be a 100 percent rate. But there has to be 100 percent freedom and 100 percent equal rights for every single individual, at least in a democracy.

The infection fatality rate in Germany in 1970 was 0.29 percent during a severe epidemic, the Hongkong Flu. No one took notice at the time. No drama nowhere, such is life, no lockdown, no masks, no a-social distancing, nothing.

Worldwide, Corona has an infection fatality rate of 0.23 percent, says the World Health Organization.

Again, for those who never ever studied democracy: if a country starts differentiating between vaccinated and not vaccinated people that is the start of a totalitarian regime.

If you want to go for a 10 day holiday in Athens, and you are required to stay 10 days in quarantine, as the UK plans, too, you are lost in space. That would be the end of democracy, as the lockdowns already indicate the end of democracy. Politicians treat all of us as if we are sick, infectious and dangerous.

Never ever will all Israeli be vaccinated. Bibi does not want those who are not vaccinated to ever again leave Israel (for Greece or any other place) as free people.

That is what political science calls the “pandemic turn“.

Think about it.

About the Author
Dr Clemens Heni is director of The Berlin International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (BICSA)
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